Stu Barnes

Name: Stu Barnes
Position: Center
Height: 5′11
Weight: 182
Born: December 25, 1970
Hometown: Spruce Grove, AB, Canada
Drafted: 1st round choice by Winnipeg, 4th Overall in 1989
Signed: Acquired from Buffalo for Mike Ryan and a second round draft pick on March 10, 2003
Nicknames: Stuuuuuuuuuuu
Notes: “They’re not booing, they’re Stuing”

Goals: 2
Assists: 1
Penalties: 1
Penalty Minutes: 2

(in chronological order and only games played in listed)

ROUND 1: Anaheim Ducks

Game 1 in Anaheim

Game 2 in Anaheim

Game 3 vs Anaheim

Game 4 vs Anaheim
1 goal, 1 assist, 2nd star of the night

Game 5 in Anaheim

Game 6 vs Anaheim
1 goal, 3rd star of the night

ROUND 2: San Jose Sharks

Game 1 in San Jose
1 penalty (2 minute minor-hooking)

Game 2 in San Jose

Game 3 vs San Jose

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