Where are all the Stars fans?

The NHL released the list of vote counts for the 2008 NHL All Star game. The Western Conference voting is being dominated by Red Wings. Henrik Zetterberg leads the Forwards, followed by Pavel Datsyuk. Nicklas Lidstrom leads the Defensivemen vote by almost 100,000 votes.

Mike Modano is in the middle of the pack with over 60,000 votes. Brenden Morrow is ranked 3rd from last. Sergei Zubov is 9th out of D-men and Turco is in last place for goalies. What is wrong with this picture? A lot.

So what are you guys waiting for? Go cast your vote (and do it often!)



2 Responses to “Where are all the Stars fans?”

  1. Cat Says:

    I’m already voting about 50 times a day! What else can I do for you, Stars? Micah’s power from ‘Heroes’ would be nice right about now.

  2. Agent J Says:

    I vote quite a few times a day as well. It’s making me sad that more people aren’t voting and often.

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