What was that WBAP?

So WBAP is a lovely sponser for just every Stars hockey game; they broadcast every game on the radio, give away the tickets to service men and women and all that other fun stuff.

So why this morning when Steve Lamb talks about the Stars this morning it’s all negative?  And why in the WORLD is Amy Chodroff (who knows nothing about hockey) saying “I think they’re going to lose” refering to the game against the Stars and the Wings tonight.  I will not disclose where I work, but I’m forced to listen to WBAP everytime I work a shift and I must say I am appauled.  It might be because I’m already having a bad morning, coworker called in sick so I had to haul my happy ass up to the office on no sleep.  But still, I firmly believe in positive thinking; and while I am a little scared about the game tonight I still think the Stars can pull out a W.  I mean, hello?  Anyone else remember that game we were down 3-0 and came back to win 6-3 when we scored 6 unanswered goals?  And I believe that was also in “Hockey Town” and I believe we can do it again, especially with the team we have now.  So WHY does the official radio station of the Dallas Stars feel the need to be negative?  Oh, they hate me.  That must be why. 



2 Responses to “What was that WBAP?”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    We should all stop being afraid of the stupid Red Wings. Seriously. Everyone just wants to roll over and die when it comes to Detroit.

    Also, I’m sick of hearing people constantly rag on the Stars.

    What the hell.

  2. Cat Says:

    Sure, I’m a little nervous about the game, but it’s just a hockey team, just like all the others. They might be the leaders in the league, but hell, St. Louis shut them out! The Stars are a great team, and I don’t understand why they miss out on a lot of attention.

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