Stars fall to Detroit 4-1

Despite the score, during parts of the game it actually seemed evenly matched.  Same amount of penalties for both teams (which both teams were 100% on killing), similar shots on goal, etc..

While a couple of the goals were softies that Turco should have stopped, I thought overall he played quite well.  I know some would dispute that, considering we lost 4-1, but you can’t put this all on him.  There were certain defenders who did not play their role at all.  One in particular spent most of his time standing in front of Turco in front of the net watching the play going on and not stopping or attempting to attack the puck like you need to to beat the Wings. 

There were some surprises in the game last night, number 1 being Brad Winchester.  We haven’t gotten to see him play too much this past month but he got himself noticed last night.  He was 2nd in shots on goal only to Trevor Daley.   Loui Eriksson got the one goal for Dallas, Lundqvist and Fistric assisted.  Fistric also played really really well.  It was definitely a game where the younger players were the standouts and not the seasoned veterens (well, all but one younger player.)

Tonight the Stars take on Minnesota who are going to be out for blood after we beat them 8-3 last time we played them! 


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One Response to “Stars fall to Detroit 4-1”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    They needed to play better as a whole unit, for sure.

    Even with just Zubov back, I don’t think they would have won. Detroit shut down that PBC line and I think that Winchester/Eriksson/Lundqvist line was probably the hardest working line we had.

    Fistric and Grossman are both huge surprises on D, though. Daley looked good. Robi looked good. I think part of it is that Niskanen right now needs a good defensive partner to excel while he gets used to playing in the NHL. Matty Norstrom didn’t look like he had the most wonderful night play-wise and I think the loss of Zubov combined with that just threw Niskanen off-kilter.

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