Tomorrow is D-Day.

I’m sure the Stars practice today was not much fun after the last 2 days.  I’m hoping it did them some good though.  Waiting to hear if Sergei Zubov actually practiced or not. 

Tomorrow is the Stars chance to get back; get back at the Wings and get back at all the “fans” who said they can’t beat the Wings.  (Would like to point out that I was never one of those fans.  I still remember the games we’ve won against the Wings and we can do it again.)  So what are the Stars going to have to do to win this game?  Well, first off the goaltending needs to be as close to (if not) 100%.  Sadly neither Smitty or Turco have been doing it lately, but hopefully the last 3 losses were enough of a kick in the butt.  Our top lines need to start being our top lines.  As great as our 4th line was, they can’t be the only line working on getting pucks towards the net; EVERY line needs to be doing it. 

I know the Stars will be out for blood Saturday after these 3 losses, so hopefully I will not be disappointed when I leave the AAC tomorrow after the game.

UPDATE: Zubov did skate today in practice, but it’s unsure if he will play Saturday against the Red Wings

“Zubov skated (today), but we’ll see tomorrow,” said Tippett. “He has to be able to play. You have to trust the player. He can determine if he can play. You can play hurt, but you can’t play injured, and if he’s injured he won’t play. We’ll see how he feels.”


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