Liveblog: Stars vs. Blackhawks

So since Caitlin and Hockey Coma are on haitus, I am roenacking LiveBlogging from..well, just about everyone actually. I hope no one minds. We’ll see how it goes.

I would like to preface this by saying that I greatly dislike the Hawks, mostly because it was a hawk that skated over Morrow’s wrist. I will never forgive you Hawks, even though it was an accident.

Hawks are currently on a 6 game losing streak. Game starts with Ralph and Razor giving the lovely Stats from both goalies, Turco and Happy Goalie. They inform us that we are tied with San Jose with points for pacific division lead, but that after tonight Sharks will have 4 goals in hand.

1st period

19:20: Ott would’ve had good attack, but loses the puck and falls. Someone might want to check his skates, he’s done that a LOT the past few games.

18:12: Awesome Giant Grossman makes a nice stop of a pass in front of the net that would’ve definitely put the Hawks up 1-0 early. Thank you Giant.

17:49: Ralph mentions Dowell got the draw, but he now has a new nickname of Bowel because that is what I thought Ralph said.

16:12: I giggle everytime they say Khabibulin because I think of Happy Goalie, which is what I thought they called him a few years ago, and the name has stuck

15:44: They mention the Halpern has about a point a game in the past half dozen games. He is one hard working Jew.

15:14: Modano takes penalty for hooking. Maybe we can move up on our PK Road ranking?

13:51: I spoke too soon. Hawks score. I am not pleased. Scored by Lang. Assisted by Keith and Havlat

12:30: Razor mentions that he doesn’t know how Eriksson can feel his feet because of how much sock tape he uses. But says Eriksson uses so much because he hates when his shinpads move around.

11:40: Heee, Brad Winchester ran into the ref. You make me happy Brad, very happy.

10:03: it makes me sad when Refs don’t make certain calls. A very obvious holding of the stick when a Hawks player had Halpie’s stick in his hand.

9:26: DO NOT HIT ZUBOV LIKE THAT. Not with his condition!

9:00: PBC line has had quite a few good shots on Happy Goalie, but sadly Happy Goalie did not get my memo about always letting them score.

8:31: Hawks take a penalty. Sharp for interfering with Mittens, see what happens when you mess with Mittens? You get put in the sin bin

7:42: Ribeiro gets a NICE shot on a pass from Zubov. Too bad Happy Goalie isn’t feeling very giving tonight.

6:31: Power Play ends with nothing. But Ralph is nice enough to inform us that shots are 6-3 Dallas.

5:44: Razor is tiffed they called interference on Grossman, claiming they never call that anymore. Ralph states the obvious afterwards, that they just did. Thanks Ralph.

5:17: Kane gets a nice shot, but lucky for us it hit the post. Thanks goal post, good to know you’re on my side.

4:19: Razor informs us that Chicago has more power play goals on home ice than the Stars, but Hawks rank 18th and Stars rank 8th. At least we have something.

3:43: Thanks for a good PK this time guys.

3:38: Zyuzin takes a penalty for hooking Mittens. See what did I say about messing with Mittens?

1:38: Modano makes a DIVING leap to keep the puck in the zone which sends it straight to Hagman.

1:33: ERIKSSON SCORES. THANKS SWEDE!! Now eat a donut like Caitlin wants you to. Hagman and Modano with his nifty dive get the assists. (though watching the replay it looks as though Happy Goalie might’ve pushed it in with his own stick while trying to put it between his stick and pads. THANKS HAPPY GOALIE)

1:00: Ralph informs us that that goal helped us end a streak of 0-24 on the power play.

:48: Brad Winchester takes a penalty for hi-sticking. Bad Winchester. Razor does inform us that Winchester’s parents are there. Awwwww.

:00: Period ends at 1-1.

1st Intermission
VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS BECAUSE THEY ARE INTERVIEWING ROBI! I like the way he says transition and love when Razor uses the word gaggle. Razor comments on how Robi argues with the refs on his way to the penalty box and asks if it works. Robi laughs and says it doesn’t, he so precious.

They cut to interviews with No Lip Tipp and Ribeiro. Ribeiro comments that he thinks they’re playing good on the road, but said it as more of a question. That seems a bit odd to me, but whatever Ribbons.

Ralph begins talking about Belfour, meantioning him winning the cup for us in 99. Then go into video montage of his career, which started with the Blackhawks. Wow he had a horrible mullet.

2nd period

20:00: I am sad to see I am not the contestant for the power play contest, 2nd starts with the Hawks on a PP from Winchester’s minor at the end of the 1st.

19:03: Halpern takes a hooking call. Bad Jew, bad.

18:35: Ralph comments on Winchesters good work being the only penalty killer against the Hawks in their zone, but Razor mentions that it’s easy when the Hawks keep giving over the puck. Let Winchester have his glory Razor, he doesn’t get much :(

17:03: PK was awesome again, giving the Hawks NOTHING. Good job.

16:25: Razor mentions that the Stars are tied with Anaheim and Carolina for the most games played this season with 45. Geez.

15:55: Robi gets a nice shot on Happy Goalie, who sadly gets it with his glove.

13:35: Maybe they have realized that messing with Mittens means penalty, because no one even tried to touch Mittens when he had the puck behind the net.

Out of commercial break: It makes me giggle when Razor mentions that in the old Chicago building “Chicago Stadium” that the players used to have their cars stolen

11:52: I do not like seeing Hawks knocking Morrow down. Especially with their skates so close to his limbs.

10:30: Hagman gets great shot. Someone please give this finnja a goal.

9:20: Yes, let’s run down the laundry list of Stars players that are hurt. It makes me feel better.

8:20: Holy shit Zubov turned the puck over, are you kidding me? That is a rarity people.

8:13: Kane gets a penalty shot from Russian hassling him on his breakaway. Razor mentions that Turco has yet to give up a penalty shot since the first penalty shot he faced, and doesn’t give this one up either.

7:47: Morrow gave a nice feed to Ribeiro from behind the net, only to have Happy Goalie stop that too.

Quick sponser break: They mention the whole “sign up with Guaranty Bank and get free autographed Morrow jersey.” Guaranty Bank has made me very unhappy by telling me I can’t have the Morrow stand up.

6:04: Zyuzin takes another penalty for holding Mike Modano. I know Modano is awesome, but hugging him will not rub his awesomeness off on you.

4:04: Hawks manage to kill this penalty despite some great scoring chances by the Stars.

3:41: Hee, Winchester hit a linesman. Good boy.

2:41: Havlat takes a slashing penalty, again, WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MESSING WITH MITTENS? You mess with Mittens, you get penalty.

:41: Power play ends, sadly Stars unable to get a goal despite some awesome tries. We need to work on this guys…

:00: Still tied at 1-1. Sigh.

2nd intermission
They show a quick shot of some sort of score competition, which the girl can’t seem to master. They show our leader board for points, it’s lead by none other than Mike Ribeiro, shocking. Then show our current standing in the Western Conference, which is 4th due to the fact that San Jose has played less games than us.

The Whataburger Whataplay is a Modano goal against the Blues, who we are playing tomorrow. I’m excited for this game, because I do like Paul Kariya.

They show a guy in a Stars jersey who is picking his nose, lovely. Razor claims that he looks like McLovin’. Razor is with Mike Heika from the DMN Stars Blog for Open Net. They are going to go have their mid-season awards tonight. First up is who should win the Hart Trophy; Heika chooses Iginla, Razor chooses guys with L’s Lidstrom, Luongo, Lecavalier, but chooses Luongo in the end and chooses every other number 1 goaltender on winning teams. For Vezina Trophy: Heika chooses Nabokov, Razor chooses Luongo. Norris Trophy: Heika goes with satan and chooses Lidstrom, Razor agrees. Maybe this is just so Zubov doesn’t hunt them down and kill them? Jack Adams Winner: Mike Babcock is chosen by Razor, Heika doesn’t actually pick anyone so he just goes with Razor. Razor of course wins, as always.

Hee, they show Brenden Morrow’s little Texas Truck Stop interview about his favorite NHL city. He chooses Edmonton because it’s closest to his hometown so his family is usually at the game. Um, hello Brenden? I am at tons of Dallas games, so that should be your number 1.

3rd period

It opens showing the Stars bench, and honestly I don’t hear what is being said because I’m laughing at Mittens snapping very aggressively at someone.

19:20: Despite this being a Dallas/Chicago game, a shout out to Interchangeable Parts. “A game of interchangeable parts” from Razor.

17:48: Hendry takes penalty for hooking.

16:50: Razor goes on about the awesomeness that is Finnja Hagman. He really should get more attention. Plz return soon Jussi, we want Finnja line back

15:55: Ribeiro passes straight to Burish who gets a breakaway on Turco with no luck for Burish.

13:27: Barch falls then curls into a ball trying to guard his head as Niskanen shoots the puck at the net right by Barchie. Made me giggle.

10:20: Sharp spins and almost gets a puck in on Turco who had fallen but managed to get over in time to grab the puck before it goes in. Razor comments that he almost looked like a backchecking goalie which he ends with a “guh”

10:06: Razor mentions that it’s a festival of spin-o-rama’s. Okay Razor.

9:09: Ribeiro gets a niiice shot from Miettinen, but Happy Goalie stops that too.

8:37: Please stop hitting Robi. There has been lots of hits on him and it makes me unhappy.

8:10: Tons of players start falling in the Stars zone, and by a lot I mean about 5. Byfuglien manages to get a shot off, which Turco gets.

7:59: Brenden takes a penalty for hooking….which I did not see. I might have selective sight though.

6:43: Ott and Halpern get a nice attack on the Hawks, Ott taking the puck behind the net and shooting it, but Happy Goalie is there to stop it.

6:20: Fans are booing the Hawks and their power play, which allowed the Stars to get back into the zone and get another attack on Happy Goalie.

6:05: Barnes gets a shorthanded goal with just 7 seconds left on the Hawks power play. *giggle* Showing the replay, it seems Happy Goalie deflected the puck into the net himself. Not having a good night, are you Happy Goalie? Modano and Zubov get the assists.

2:43: Stars are doing a good job keeping the puck in the Hawks zone and getting it out of their zone when the Hawks manage to get the puck cleared.

1:10: Happy Goalie starts off to the bench.

:17: Morrow gets the puck into the empty net, thanks to some awesome work around the boards by Modano. 3-1!!!

:00: Nice to be on another winning streak. Stars played great, so let’s keep it up, okay guys?

3 Stars or the game are Marty Turco with 17 of 18 shots stopped. Duncan Keith gets 2nd star with 1 assist. And Mike Modano gets number 1 star with 3 assists, one on every goal. Way to go Mo!

They interview Mike Modano, who comments that it was a great way to get the long road trip started. They go on about other things, like special teams, etc..

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13 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Blackhawks”

  1. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Brad Winchester takes a penalty for hi-sticking.

    Nice shot of Tipp dropping the f-bomb on that penalty. :D

  2. Jen Says:

    lmao i think i missed that actually.
    oh no lip tipp i love you. but be nice to winchester.
    i’m beginning to think i’m the only person that likes him lol

  3. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    When we take a penalty on a breakaway, I actually hope for a penalty shot, too. Much easier to defend than a 2-minute power play.

  4. Jen Says:

    I hope for a penalty shot too.

  5. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    I think Zubie’s hand still hurts a little. A couple of passes to him bounced a couple of times.

  6. Caitlin Says:

    I think Zubie’s hand still hurts a little. A couple of passes to him bounced a couple of times.

    I was worried that he was going to feel pressured into coming back too soon.

    That really, really worries me. And I think he’s definitely still hurting…but is playing through it. I know I read an article the other day where he was talking to reporters (!) and had his hand on ice again.

  7. Jen Says:

    Russian, I know you’re all about the team. But you no good to team if injured.

  8. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Nice live-blog, by the way!

  9. Jen Says:

    Thanks Patty. It’s nowhere near as awesome at the -Ookies or Caitlin, but I figured I’d give it a shot

  10. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Isn’t it cool when the home fans boo the home team’s power play because the Stars’ PK is so smothering?

  11. Jen Says:

    Yes, I love it!

  12. Cat Says:

    LiveBlogging is fun, isn’t it?! Great job. Way more thorough than I could ever do.

  13. Caitlin Says:

    Thanks Patty. It’s nowhere near as awesome at the -Ookies or Caitlin, but I figured I’d give it a shot

    Whatever! Totally awesome!

    Mittens needs to be more polite to the trainers/equipment staff. I don’t like seeing him snap at people on the bench.

    Bad, Mittens! Didn’t your mother ever teach you anything!

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