LiveBlog: Stars @ Kings

Broadcast begins with a shot of the Staples Center in LA. Razor has a horrible goatee that is just not working for him. Ralph starts out by mentioning that Zubov is out tonight along with Boucher, Jokinen, Lehtinen and Boucher. I agree with Razor that he shouldn’t have played in Chicago or in St. Louis. Let’s just hope that Niskanen does not tank like he did against the Wings when Zubov was first out. Ralph refers to the Kings as the cellar dwellers, which really makes me giggle. They start mentioning Kopitar and how he’s hasn’t really produced against the Stars.

They show a flashback of the worst game ever, when the Stars lost 6-5 to the Kings after leading 4-0. Let’s not remind me of that, okay guys? Thanks.

While playing the national anthem, they are showing the Stars bench and I am very pleased to see that it appears Eriksson chopped off his mane.

1st period

20:00: Stars start with Norstrom with Niskanen; Halpern, Barch and Ott the forwards.

18:37: Los Angeles takes a penalty, Johnson for hi-sticking so the PBC line gets their shot a power play. Before the puck drop, they announced a 2nd penalty on Giuliano, so it’s 2 minutes on a 5-on-3.

18:10: Slip of the tongue, Ralph calls Niskanen Zubov. No matter how hard the coaches are for Niskanen, he will never be Zubov or even close to his caliber, so let’s not make that mistake again Ralphie.

17:26: Blake overpowers Niskanen to clear the puck, not that it’s hard.

16:40: Halpern gets one past LaBarbera just as the 5-on-3 runs out with nice passes from Daley and Eriksson! Halperns 9th of the season!

16:35: Eriksson stays on with Hagman and Lundqvist and start an attack.

16:25: Eriksson shoots, which LaBarbera stops. Eriksson takes the puck behind the net and scores!!! Mark Crawford now has no lips he is so livid. It’s quite amusing.

15:33: Barnes gets a good shot on LaBarbera, but he stops it. I need to come up with what to call him, because LaBarbera is too long to type out everytime we shoot on him. So we’ll go with LaBarbie.

14:55: Ralph mentions that Ladislov Nagy is the only + player on the Kings. Wow, I liked that kid when we had him last season.

13:40: LA take a penalty for tripping Halpie. Razor mentions that if the Kings don’t watch themselves they will end up with another 5-on-3 against them. They aren’t playing very clean which makes me unhappy.

13:03: Kings finally get posession, and the Power Play commenses. Penalty is to O’Sullivan.

12:55: Hagman loses his stick behind the net, come on Hags! Get a goal finnja, we are rooting for you hardcore.

12:00: Poor Niskanen, he seems to be getting knocked down a bit. PBC line is now on.

11:05: Modano knocks the puck out of play, during this little break they show Niskanen on the bench, talking about him being hit and show he is now bleeding on his nose. Man, he is taking a beating.

10:56: Kings make a good pass to O’Sullivan as he’s exiting the penalty box, who takes it straight to the net, passes across to Frolov who isn’t covered and makes the game 2-1.

10:27: Ralph announces that Winchester got the assist on the Eriksson goal, which makes me very excited.

9:55: Stars were unable to control a loose puck in the Kings zone, so LA starts a rush into the Dallas zone taking the puck in fairly easily. Scott Thornton takes it to the net, which Turco stops but Armstrong gets a goal on the rebound.

9:40: Kings get another attack right off the draw. Where the hell are the Stars from the first part of this game? Put Swedish Fish back on the ice. Please.

7:50: PBC line is back in. Here’s hoping they can draw more penalties. Well, maybe if they can get it out of their own zone. And as I type this Ribs gets it up to Mittens.

6:35: There is Swedish Fish. Come on Swede and Winchester, get me a goal!

4:55: Robi got a nice shot on LaBarbie.

4:00: Ralph and Razor mention that Luongo isn’t going to the All-Star GAme and mention that it’s the last play a goalie wants to be, since it’s not really set up for goalies and defending.

3:38: Kings are taking their 4th penalty on the game. Stuart for slashing.

3:31: But right off the draw the Kings take the puck into the Dallas zone. Stars manage to get it back into the Kings zone, only to have them clear it.

2:31: Daley shot it to get a rebound with 3 Stars in front of Barbie, but looked like chickens with their heads cut off as a King easily finds it and passes it out.

1:35: Power play ends with no luck.

:40: Kings were actually doing a great job with not letting any of the Stars passes get by, which ends up with them attacking but Turco gets an easy stop.

:15: Ott loses the puck in his skates, that’s not cool which gives the Kings the puck. Again. Razor mentions that Ott must be feeling better today because in St. Louis he apparently was fighting the flu or food poisoning and almost made Brenden throw up by him throwing up. Please don’t do that to Brenden.

:00: 2-2 at the end of the first. Razor makes an interesting comparison, calling it a toilet seat period, that it started well and was up and down. Wow.

1st intermission
All you have to tell me is that Brenden Morrow is going to be interviewed and I will always have a smile on my face. They mention that being it’s the 10 year anniversary of “Hockey Fights Cancer”, each captain has a patch on their jersey, which they will sign and auction off. Oh I want money because I want that.

Brenden is always a good interview when asking about the game, because unlike other guys he will always tell how it is, even if it means calling out himself or his team. Morrow goes on again about what makes playing with Ribeiro so good; that being that he can slow the play down.

Toyota Truck Game Break goes to an interview with Ribbons about needing to finish number 1 in the division and about playoffs, etc.. and what it will take to get there. Nothing too interesting sadly. I am still waiting for shoulder dancing encore.

After commercial break, they mention the Hockey Fights Cancer patches again, then go into a story about Mario Lemieux. I know I should feel sad since they are talking about his illnesses, but wow that mullet was ugly.

2nd period

20:00: Yet again, I am not the power play contestant. One day, I’m telling you. ONE DAY!

19:37: Ivanans takes a slashing penalty for what he did to poor little Niskanen, though Nisky wasn’t hurt. Come on Stars. Get your PP going.

19:30: Stars start with the PBC line on the PP this time. Unlike the last Power Play, they seem to have better control of the puck.

17:45: Kings manage to get control of the puck and try to start an attack but are caught off sides. heheh

17:30: Stars now 1-5 on the PP.

16:25: Morrow got a nice shot on the Kings net, but sadly it didn’t go in. He needs another goal, okay Baby Hockey Jesus?

13:37: Hagman gets a shot but it hits the post. I hate that sound when it has to do with finnja shooting at the net. Other than that, it’s been kinda boring. Just a bunch of going from zone to zone for both players. and as I type this, Stars take their first penalty.

13:05: Penalty is on Lundqvist for hooking.

12:50: Razor mentions that we just had the first Kopitar sighting of the day. Funny.

11:07: Stars penalty killing is still on top of their game.

8:30: Razor mentions the surge of penalty shots this season, 43 this season and 21 of them coming in the past month. Of course because of the shootout, players are better at it. Razor mentions it’s the goaltenders who are better at it now, with only 11 making it past the goalies this season.

7:45: King shot somehow gets past everyone, but luckily hit the post.

6:05: Morrow looks guilty, not being able to stop quick enough pushing Blake and Barbie into the net, so he takes 2 minutes for interference. They show Tipp on the bench who looks as though if he were a cartoon he would have smoke coming out of his ears and a whistle coming out of his head blaring.

5:45: Blake shoots from the point, Kopitar deflects. Kings are now up 3-2.

5:12: Ott falls near the corner, poor Ott.

4:40: Some good passing between Mittens and Daley gets the puck to the net for a rebound, unfortunately Ribbons was unable to get control to shoot it.

3:21: Lots of hard work from Ribbons and Mittens to keep the puck from the Kings gets the puck across to giant Grossman who was unable to connect. Come on Grossman, I know you can do it!

1:04: Stars started having some puck problems in their own zone, which the Kings tried to capitalize on. They got a shot to the net, but Norstrom deflected it which threw it over Turco but the puck landed behind him. So Turco does a nifty move to basically turn over in the air to land on the puck. Acrobatic Turks.

:15: Ribeiro is hit by 3 guys at once, who falls. Somehow, the Stars are taking a penalty on this play (I demand a replay), but they stopped the clock in the building while the play was going on. So everyone is confused.

:00: Period is over, but I still have no idea who has the penalty and for what. Please come back and explain to me Ralph.

2nd intermission
The NHL Game Summary is kind enough to inform me that Mittens will be taking 2 minutes for tripping at the end of the 2nd period.

Ralph goes into the Whataburger Whataplay, which is from last season when the Stars were in a shootout with Anaheim. It was that awesome move by Turco, when he stops the puck with only his stick laying on the ice.

Todays Open Net is with Bob Miller, play-by-play man for the Kings. First question is asking who is not in the All-Star Game that they feel should be. Miller goes with Dustin Brown of the Kings. Biased much? Razor goes with the other Sedin twin for Western Conference, because he feels it’s not right for one twin to be left out. For Eastern he goes with Thomas of the Bruins, who leads the NHL in save percentage. Second question is asking who would you pick to be a shooter and goalie to win a shootout. Miller goes with Gagner and and says if he’s the shooter he wants Razor in net. Obviously didn’t understand the question, so Razor explains so Miller takes Luongo. Razor goes, of course, with members of the greatest shootout team in hockey; Turco in goal, Zubov as first shooter, Kozlov from Atlanta for 2nd and of course, Jussi for the 3rd; being that he is the king of the shootout. Miller talks about how he loves watching Zubov plays, and that he picks Zubov for the Norris every year. Good boy Miller, good job.

Today’s Texas Truck Stop is asking Jeff Halpern who his hockey idol is. His answer: his father. So sweet. I love you Jew.

3rd period

20:00: Stars start on the penalty kill, since Mittens is in the box for something I still don’t believe he did.

18:05: Hagman intercepts a pass and charges into the Kings zone, but unable to get the puck past Barbie. He did manage to run down the rest of the penalty clock with his play though.

16:30: The Eriksson, Winchester, Lundy line got a lot of good chances in front of the net. Good job guys.

15: 45: Kings take another penalty. Preissing for holding on Modano.

14:40: Modano tries to pass behind him, which Brown intercepts and gets a clear breakaway towards Turco, which he saves.

14:18: And Kings take yet ANOTHER penalty, Blake for messing with Finnja Hagman. So Stars have another 5-on-3 for 30 seconds.

13:27: Unable to score on the 5-on-3, 7th power play of the game commenses.

13:05: Stuart, trying to be a good D-man, hits the puck in mid-air in front of the net, but it went over the glass which results in another penalty. So Stars are on their third 5-on-3 for another 47 seconds.

12:37: The puck gets in the net, SOMEHOW. Niskanen shoots it from the point which deflects off Modry’s shoulder, putting it in the net. Modano and Ribbons get the assists. And the Stars stay on the power play.

11:11: Ribeiro goes straight up the ice to get right up to Barbie, only to have it blocked. The Kings try to clear and Morrow dives to keep it in the zone. Unfortunately, after a few passes between the Stars the Kings come up with the puck, only to have us take it right back into their zone.

10:38: Kings manage to get control to have Nagy shoot it towards the net, only to miss. Stars get the puck into the Kings zone to get a very much needed change.

9:55: Fistric gets a GREAT hit to get control of the puck back. It’s nice seeing him play again, though I’m not happy with the fact that he’s only getting to play because Zubov is out.

8:40: Ott and Halpern get a great 2-on-1 breakaway. Ott to Halpern in front of the net, only to have Barbie manage to lunge over to make the stop.

6:35: Norstrom falls coming from behind the net only to turn the puck over. Armstromg shoots in front, which Turco got with his stick while scrambling to get up in front of the net. Norstrom clears, thank goodness. That could have been ugly.

4:00: Ott takes a penalty for hooking which both him and Tippett are very upset about.

2:00: Stars show off their PK skills, basically giving the Kings nothing other than a shot at the beginning of their power play. And as I type this, they are talking about the awesomeness that is Robi.

1:27: Brown gets a nice shot on Turco, which Turco quickly falls on to stop play. Turco is making some fantastic saves, looking like his old self again.

:14: Stars try one last attack, only to get half way up the ice to have the Kings steal the puck away to shoot it on Turco who knocks it into the net.

:00.8: Face-off in the Stars zone. Obviously, nothing came of it. We’re going to Overtime.


4:40: Play has been mostly in the Stars zone, which is making me extremely uncomfortable.  And this is why, as I type this Kings go towards the net despite falling all over the place and get Turco scrambling.  Luckily the puck went in front of the net to a Stars player who get it out of the zone.

3:25: A kurfuffle from a pass to the front of the net gives the Stars a 2-on-1 attack with Morrow and Ribbons, but Morrow couldn’t get it in the net.

2:10: Ralph warns everyone to hold their breath because Kopitar is coming into the zone.  Too late for that Ralph, I’ve been holding my breath for the past 3 minutes.

1:00: Johnson decides as a play is called dead to try to start mess with Morrow, which obviously you don’t do.  Because um, he will Morrownate you horribley.

:17: Stars try to start another attack with Halpern taking it into the zone.  Kings split it up and take it into the Stars zone right as time expires.

:00: As Ralph puts it, the best shootout team in NHL history will be going at it again.   Stars are 25-6 all time in the shootout.  *giggle*

The Shootout

Razor starts off by commenting that Turco is the goaltending version of the spider monkey in the shootout.  Wow.  Just wow.   The horrible thing for us?  2 of our 3 main shootout guys are out.  Razor gives good advice; pick a finn.   Oddly enough, Razor is kind enough to inform us that the Mavs also play in the Staples Center tonight, so they are waiting for our game to end so they can switch to basketball

  • First up, Kopitar.  Who gets Turco to bite early to sweep it into the net.
  • First for Dallas, Finnja Hagman.  Loses control of the puck to hit the side of the net.  Kings up 1.
  • Next for  LA is Frolov.  (love when they show Turco’s bounce)  Frolov loses the puck as well.
  • Modano is up next for Dallas, who the Kings fans are booing.  Barbie stops it.
  • Brown is next, and if he scores they win.  Turco makes the save with his back leg after it went through is knees.
  • Mittens is up next.  He goes five-hole and gets it through to shock of everyone.
  • O’Sullivan for the Kings, who takes it wide and shoots and gets it past Turco.
  • Ribeiro  up, who tries to be fancy Ribbons again and hits the post.

The Kings take the 2 points, Stars take 1 which puts them in the number 1 spot in the Pacific Division.


The three stars of the game are

  1. Jason LaBarbera with 23 saves on 26 shots
  2. Loui Eriksson with a goal and an assist
  3. Brad Stuart with 6 hits

Ralph and Razor mention the big games coming up against Anaheim and San Jose before coming home Friday.  And with that, it ends.  Sigh.


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3 Responses to “LiveBlog: Stars @ Kings”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I’m so glad we have highlights, because I passed out into a chemically-induced coma five minutes into the second, and I’d be pissed if I missed Mittens in the shootout.

  2. kms2 Says:

    Mark Crawford now has no lips he is so livid. It’s quite amusing.

    I think he gets greyer as each game progresses. I bet he’ll start losing his hair by the end of the season. And next time we play you, you can call LaBarbera “Barbs”…much easier than his real name.

  3. Jen Says:

    haha. Does he really? He gets greyer while Tipp suddenly develops lips. It will be interesting to see how these two look at the end of the season

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