New All-Star, Cujo and arrested for head butting?

  • Marc Savard of the Boston Bruins will be replacing Dany Heatleyin the 2008 All-Star game.  Heatley injured his shoulder Saturday in the Ottawa Sens win over Detroit and is expected to be out 6-weeks.
  • Goaltender Curtis Joseph signed a deal with the Calgary Flames reports.  They agreed to a $1.5 million 1-year contract. 
  • Okay, so this story is from late-December, but I just found it today and it made me laugh so I thought I’d share it.  A member of the Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers ECHL affiliate was arrested in Dallas after causing a bit of a ruckus on a flight from Toronto to Dallas.  David Cornacchia of the Florida Everblades slapped a flight attendant who refused to give him a 3rd drink, began cursing at other passengers and exposed himself, then headbutted a passenger while the passenger and a flight attendant attempted to restrain his hands behind his back and belt him into the seat.  Wow.

Now, in non-hockey news.  I know I’m not the only Cowboys fan extremely disappointed in our unexpected early exit in the playoffs.  No SuperBowl this year.  I know a lot of talk has been going on about Romo and Jessica Simpson becoming a distraction.  Of course, I’ll jokingly blame Jessica, but that’s all it is; a joke.  Players have to be held responsible for how they perform on the field.  But I couldn’t help that laugh that even though Jessica was not in attendance to yesterday’s game, her presence was still there in form of an ad-plane flying a banner over Texas Stadium reading “Good Luck Tony <3 Jessica”



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