So that’s how it feels, Stars win 4-2.

Stars up their streak in the Shark Tank to 6-0 over the last 6 games. That is right boys, you are awesome. A great catalyst for the back to back games this weekend against Columbus and Anaheim (which I will have the pleasure to be at both)

The Stars tally is as follows: Robi with an assist, Modano with 2 goals, Morrownator with an assist, Halpie with a goal, Hagman with a goal and 2 assists, Eriksson with 2 assists, Lundy with an assist and Ribbons with an assist.

The non-enjoyable parts of this game are two: Craig Rivet and Mick McGeough and him hating people like Trevor Daley.

First off, Rivet I will be coming for you on April 6th. The next time you step foot into my city I will know and I will have revenge on what you did to Morrownator.

McGeough, we already know I loathe you more than anything. But seriously, Daley sticking up for his Captain who almost had his face ripped off on glass is not deserving of 17 penalty minutes. You know who deserved 17 penalty minutes? Rivet, and expulsion from the league. The fact that only took 5 minutes for fighting out of that OBVIOUS boarding hit is absolutely absurd.

Some quick notes around the league: Jarome Iginla of the Flames and Vincent Lecavalier of Tampa Bay have been named All-Star Captains. Congrats, I guess



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2 Responses to “So that’s how it feels, Stars win 4-2.”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I will never NOT associate Mick McGeough with “shitlisted”.

    ILU Jen!

  2. Cat Says:

    I hate Mick McGeough so much.

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