Stars lose, 4-2

After the events of yesterday there isn’t much I want to say about this game.  (And by events I mean the sudden passing of Heath Ledger.)  Stars lost.  And may Razor never leave us for VS. again.  Ever.

First goal of the game came from the PBC line with Morrow getting the goal and Mittens and Ribbons getting the assist.  Our 2nd goal was scored by Steve Ott assisted by Daley and Jew.  The Blue Jackets countered with 4 unanswered goals, Kris Russell scored Columbus’ first and third goal, his first and second goal ever in the NHL.  Good for you kid, and I mean that.  Seriously, even though I’m mad you got the game winning goal causing us to lose.

Oh, and Brenden was the third star of the night.

 Now more All-Star news, seems more and more people are falling off the ASG bandwagon.  Tyler Kennedy, the pig looking one of the Pittsburgh Penguins has contracted mono so he will be missing the game.   David Clarkson of the New Jersey Devils will be taking his place.

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