What to do during the All-Star break…

Since most of the Stars team will not be participating in the All-Star game, they have to do something to entertain themselves. What might they be up to? Well, I guess we’ll never know for sure, but I have a few guesses….


Krys Barch: Take Boxing classes

Stu Barnes: Come up with more scenarios for “What Would Stu Do?”

Philippe Boucher: Work on more physical therapy to get back asap and look hot while doing it.

Chris Conner: Attempt to grow

Trevor Daley: Make amends with Mick McGeough

donut-hules.pngLoui Eriksson: Hide from Lundqvist and his donuts

Joel Lundqvist: Hunt down Eriksson after buying 12-dozen donut holes

Nicklas Grossman: Get a new ringtone. Okay, so maybe this is my wish because “I Don’t Want to Be” is not cool Grossman.

Niklas Hagman: Find a new sweater
jussi-pants.pngJeff Halpern: Wander aimlessly through his hotel

Jussi Jokinen: Figure out how to make his pants even bigger

Antti Miettinen: Spend more quality time with Mittens, his cat

Mike Modano: Figure out how he can make more people “proud he’s American”

Brenden Morrow: Guitar Hero. All weekend. “Take that Lou! The Morrownator owns ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia!’”


Steve Ott: Become the spitting image of a Yeti

Mike Smith: Clock himself to figure out how he can make himself even slower getting back to his net

Marty Turco: Teach children to read, or deliver pizza

Brad Winchester: Find any and everything written about himself online

Sergei Zubov: Write scouting sheets for each Dallas Stars player on why they lost the last 2 games

crosby-jersey.pngStephane Robidas: Attempt to remove Sidney Crosby’s jersey off Justin (his son) and replace it with his own

Dave Tippett: Calculate how many more times he is going to try the Morrow-Ribeiro-Eriksson line

Brett Hull: Hit every Karaoke bar in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex



4 Responses to “What to do during the All-Star break…”

  1. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Sergei Zubov: Write scouting sheets for each Dallas Stars player on why they lost the last 2 games


  2. Cat Says:

    That’s it – I’m going to have to hit up some karaoke bars. I have to hear Brett sing “Mandy”.

  3. Jen Says:

    lol I’m glad y’all liked it!!

  4. Caitlin Says:

    I’m just going to start calling Steve Ott “Yeti”. He certainly has the manners of one!

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