2008 All-Star SuperSkills/Youngstars Game

So here we go, the All-Star player events have officially started in Atlanta, GA. I don’t know if you could consider this a liveblog of the events, I’ll just be posting as it goes on and updating when I get the chance, but I’ll put it in the liveblog category anyway.

They start with a rundown of some of the players that will be taking part tonight, and I can’t help but be real excited because of the fact that they were showing video of last years All-Star events in good ole Dallas Texas, which was obviously the best All-Star celebration ever. Not that I’m biased or anything.

First up is the obstacle course they inform us. But much to my dismay, cut to an interview with Nick Lidstrom, quite possibly the most unamusing interview ever. Then come crazy Russian, Ovie! I do wish he would actually act crazy though, he seems so subdued. Come on Ovie, give me something.

They are showing the players arriving on the red carpet, which interests me not, as I see no Star. Player announcements are up, I’m not even going to bother listing them all unless I see something that makes me laugh, seeing as I’ve posted the rosters more than once lol

While waiting for Ribbons introduction, I am hoping for some sort of pimp skate as awesome as his pimp walk. Don’t let me down Ribs, don’t let me down. Okay, Ribs not out yet, but Damn Arnott looks good with short hair. Sometimes I really miss you Jason, like a lot. Of course, they save the best for last, as Ribbons is last to hit the ice AND THERE IS HIS PIMP SKATING! I HEART YOU RIBBONS. THANK YOU!!!! Then Ovie and a bunch of Eastern Conference people come out. Blahblahblah.

Up now is the obstacle course! They explain what all it includes, which I’m not going to type out because you find the details here.

My first though is “why couldn’t you do this last year? Because Marty would’ve owned.”

The first players up for the Western Conference are Henrik Sedin, Joe Thornton, Chris Pronger and Chris Osgood. What a great combination, players I hate. Sedin starts with the stick handling, and gets it done quite well. Thornton is unable to hit the net with the elevator pass section. Pronger is doing the one-timers and is actually able to hit the target. Thanks Pronger, but you’re still an ass. Osgood sets off his goalie shots at the net on the other side of the rink, gets 1 of 4.

First up for the Eastern Conference is Jason Spezza who, like Sedin is fine with the puck-handling. Marc Savardget is 2 for 4 on the elevator passes. Sergei Gonchar does okay with the one-timers. Tim Thomas up for the goalies and manages 1 for 4.

Eastern Conference in the lead 1-0.

2nd round for the obstacle will be Corey Perry, Pavel Datsyuk, Ed Jovanovski and Evgeni Nabokov for the West and Evgani Malkin, Mike Richards, Andrei Markov and Rick DiPietro for the East.

Perry gets through the puck-handling extremely quick. Datsyuk shows his skills in elevator passes, earning 4 for 4. Jovanovski gets no hits on the target for one-timers. Nabokov does the same as the first 2 sets, getting 1 of 4.

Malkin gets through puck-handling a little shaky. Richards manages to get 1 of 4 on elevator passes. Markov I couldn’t tell how many he got, and they didn’t tell me. Bad on you Versus. He definitely hit the target at least once though. DiPietro manages to get in 2 of 4 on the goalie shots.

East manage to take the 2nd round as well, putting them up 2-0.

Next up: Fastest Skater

First up, Versus confuses me because going to break they said East was up 2-0, but back from break say it’s 2-1. Whatever Versus, I’ll believe you.

West skaters are Duncan Keith, Anze Kopitar and Shawn Horcoff. East skaters are Brian Campbell, Martin St. Louis and Ilya Kovalchuk.

  • Keith and Campbell first at it; Keith clocks 4.995 and Campbell clocks 4.673.
  • Kopitar against St. Louis; only to have Versus not show me the times.
  • Horcoff and Kovalchuk last at it; Horcoff clocking 4.673 and Kovalchuk clocking 4.734.
  • Horcoff and Campbell end up clocking the fastest times so they go head to head; only to have Versus not show the times again. I’m assuming Horcoff wins.

Next Up: The Shootout (hee!!)

The Shootout begins with Rick Nash and Dion Phaneuf for the West shooters with Tomas Vokoun in net for the East. Then Marian Hossa and Vincent Lecavalier for the East against Evgeni Nabokov for the West.

  • Nash goes wide, shoots and Vokoun gets the stop
  • Hossa goes wide, goes in front of the net to shoot from the side, but Nabokov gets the stop
  • Phaneuf goes up the middle, fakes then shoots to get it past Vokoun.
  • Lecavalier goes up the middle, but can’t get it past Nabokov.

Round 2 will be Ribeiro and Gaborik of the West against the East’s DiPietro and the East’s Scott Gomez and Evgeni Malkin against Chris Osgood of the west.

  • Ribeiro becomes fancy Ribbons only to have DiPietro stop it.
  • Gomez goes up the middle to give a quick shot to get it past Osgood.
  • Gaborik up next, tries to get it past the blocker and almost succeeded until he looked back and saw the puck on the goal line.
  • Malkin doesn’t try anything too fancy but still gets it past Osgood.

Round 3 is Cory Perry and Nicklas Lidstrom of the West against Tim Thomas and Eric Staal and Kimmo Timonen against Manny Legace.

  • Perry goes wide and hits the post while cutting across the crease.
  • Staal goes up the middle and shoots but hits the post.
  • Lidstrom goes wide and shoots but Tomas makes the stop.
  • Timonen gets real fancy and gets it past Legace.

Round 4 commenses

  • Phaneuf against Tomas: Tomas can’t make the save but does some breakdancing instead.
  • Gomez against Legace: Legace with the stop
  • Malkin against Legace: Tries to go five-hole but Manny closes that hole.
  • Timonen against Legace: Timonen does some fancy stick handling but it not enough to trick Legacy

Western takes the event and now leads the East 5-2.

Next up: Youngstars game

On little Nisky, the way you say Dallas Stars trips me out. The announcers mention talking to Zubov and how he thinks the world of Niskanen. That makes me smile.

1st period
Announcers mention that only Clarkson’s father is here because of a new baby in the family. Okay Clarkson family, being in the All-Star events trumps a new alien coming into this world.

4:15: Did I mention the East is up 1-0? Well they are.

3:33: East up 2-0. I thought you were supposed to be good Osgood? I mean, it’s in your name.

3:00: Kane scores on Thomas to make it 2-1. Thanks buddy.

2:45: Dubinsky makes it 3-1. Srsly Osgood?

1:49: Staal makes it 4-1.

1:03: Lucic scores, now 5-1.

:30: Mueller makes it less embarassing for the West, making it 5-2

:19: Dubinsky gets it past Osgood……again. Again, srsly Osgood? 6-2

2nd period
You hear Legace going on about being hooked.

5:20: Manny laughs at the pokecheck after Backstrom scores on him. I’m loving Legace being miced. He mentions that he’s “only 5-foot nothing.”

4:16: Manny makes a nice stop to fling the puck ahead to Kane who scores, to make it 1-1 on the 2nd period.

3:40: Nisky gets a shot off, but Vokoun stops it.

2:41: Johnson gets a goal to make it 2-1.

2:15: Perron makes it 3-1. Thanks!

1:28: Gagner makes it 4-1, much less embarassing. Because of the awesome Legace, he is quite enjoyable.

:12: The West pulls Legace hahahahaha. How amusing.

Just like to end this with: I heart you Manny.

West 5 – East 4 after 4 events

They come back from commercial break showing the players kids in the locker room. And I have to say, Ribbons children are the most adorable things. And for that to come from me is saying a LOT!! So. Precious.

Accuracy Shooting

West: Jason Arnott, Nicklas Lidstrom, Scott Niedermayer, Jarome Iginla
East: Tomas Kaberle, Eric Staal, Daniel Alfredsson, Marian Hossa

Jason Arnott: 3 for 7
Tomas Kaberle: 4 for 4
Nicklas Lidstrom: 3 for 8
Eric Staal: 4 for 6 (I think?)
Scott Niedermayer: 3 for 8
Daniel Alfredsson: 1 for 8 (again, I think? I don’t like the fact that they aren’t telling us)
Jarome Iginla: 4 for 7
Marian Hossa: 3 for 7 (or 4 for 7? again, they not telling me and I can’t hear the building announcer over the Versus announcers.

1 on 1 final
Jason Arnott: 3 for 4
Kaberle: 3 for 4

Kaberle gets it

Score is now West 5 – East 6

Next Up: Hardest Shot

Jason Arnott: 99.1 & 100.3
Alex Ovechkin: 98.3 & 95.6
Jarome Iginla: 95.7 & 90.9 (but doesn’t count since it went wide)
Vincent Lecavalier: 101.9 & 98.6
Dion Phaneuf: 94.6 & 96.2
Andrei Markov: 95.9 & 96.9
Chris Pronger: 99.5 & 99.7
Zdeno Chara: 101.4 & 103.1 (holy shit)

West 5 – East 8

Last event: Breakaway Challenge

Players will be judged by style during this event. The judges are: Dominique Wilkins, Bill Clement, Scott Mellanby and Taylor Kitsch.

Pavel Datsyuk against Tomas Vokoun
1st try:
No Goal. Score: 4-1-2-3 for a total of 10
2nd try: Goal. Scores 8-7-4-7 for a total of 26.

Martin St. Louis against Evgeni Nabokov
1st try:
No Goal. Score: 3-1-1-3 for a total of 8
2nd try: No Goal. Score: 3-4-3-4 for a total of 14

Ryan Getzlaf against Tim Thomas
1st try:
No Goal. Score: 6-8-7-7 for a total of 28
2nd try: No Goal. Score: 7-9-7-7 for a total of 30

Afterwards they show the AWESOME goal by 9 year old Max Gerlach during intermission at the Dallas-Ottawa game earlier this season.

Ilya Kovalchuk against Manny Legace
1st try:
No Goal. Score: 22 points total (they no show me the individial scores)
2nd try: No Goal (after going up the ice on his knees) Score: 7-8-7-8 for a total of 30

Marian Gaborik against Rick DiPietro
1st try:
No Goal. Score: 6-6-6-6 for a total of 24
2nd try: No Goal. Score: 8-9-6-7 for a total of 30

Alex Ovechkin against Chris Osgood
1st try:
Goal. Score: 7-7-5-5 for a total of 24
2nd try: No Goal. But crazy russian came out. Sore: 8-9-8-8 for a total of 33

2nd round

Ryan Getzlaf against Tim Thomas
No Goal. Score: 7-8-9-8 for a total of 32

Alex Ovechkin against Chris Osgood
No Goal. Score: 8-9-9-9 for a total of 35

Ryan Getzlaf against Tim Thomas
No Goal. Score: 5-5-5-5 for a total of 20

Alex Ovechkin against Chris Osgood
No Goal. Score: 6-6-6-7 for a total of 25

West 6 – East 9

I love that the broadcast ends with shots in the locker room.  Show me more of Ribbons cute children plz.  All in all it was fun to watch, as it always is. It’s nice to see the players not so serious and having a good time playing the game they love.

PS. All-Star Game, plz return to Dallas soon.


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3 Responses to “2008 All-Star SuperSkills/Youngstars Game”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Radness all the way around – I died over the new Clarkson alien.

  2. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Then Ovie and a bunch of Eastern Conference people come out. Blahblahblah.

    My sentiments exactly. :D

    Ribbon’s kids were adorable, weren’t they?

  3. Jen Says:

    They were seriously too cute!

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