Liveblog: Stars vs. Canucks

So there is a good chance I’ll be liveblogging tonight. I really enjoy meetings between these 2 teams, and I’m sure tonight will not disappoint. The bad news? We are yet again without Razor because he is doing a game for Versus. The good news? Instead of Hayward, we will have Craig Ludwig taking his spot. It will make for an interesting night.

Liveblog will be on a bit of delay, as I don’t get off until 7pm and have to eat, so bear with me!

I got home about 7:20, just in time to see that they had Boucher with Rhadigan and it makes me real sad. But Bouch’s Bottom Line? Really? That sounds dirty. I really wish they’d let Boucher do commentary. But now it’s time to eat.

It amuses me that both Ralph and Ludwig are wearing complete color palettes; Ludwig in blue, and Ralph in gray/silver. This is the first time the Canucks are in Dallas since the playoffs; IE the most amazing game ever. They mention how many men are out for Vancouver,and are showing Roberto Luongo. Everytime I see him I expect him to come onto the ice holding a chicken.

1st period

19:22: Ralph informs me Stars started with Modano, Lehtinen and Ott. Really? Where are you putting Jokinen?

19:00: Not fond of the feed going wonky. You are not cool FSN. YOU ARE NOT COOL.

18:20: Almost a full minute before my feed came back. If I missed any Morrownator action, you will be sorry.

17:50: Jussi is with Hagman and Eriksson, this could be a promising line.

17:00: Barnes with Barchie and Jew. Which mean sadly Winchester has been scratched. Again.

16:00: Keep it simple stupid. I will be using that constantly.


13:53: I get the feed back, a minute later. This is not going to fly, strangely enough right after they cut WHERE THEY WERE SUPPPOSED TO for a Southwest Commercial.

13:50: They cut back during the end of whatever Ralph is saying about problems. You’re telling me Ralph LOTS OF PROBLEMS.

13:15: Fistric gets a good hit. You better watch out Canucks, he’ll get Donkey on your ass.

12:38: Speak up Ludy. Please.

10:15: Yes, you speak well of Fistric. I don’t want him to go back to Iowa :(

9:44: Out of the commercial break, they mention….something between Morrow and Burrows. I basically don’t hear what they’re saying because Brenden is on TV. Then they cut to the video from last playoff series, when Brenden is AWESOME and hops on one leg to beat the shit out of Burrows on his bench. They show more close-ups on Brenden on the bench. I am very pleased.

9:15: I want to be cool enough to have a checking account named after me. The Jenlo of Rock checking account. I think that has a nice ring to it. Maybe if I allow Guaranty Bank to use that, they will give me that damn Brenden Morrow stand-up.

8:05: People are falling all over the place, it’s not cool.

7:57: Cooke is on the ground, acting like he’s dying. Stars are taking a penalty for something… even Ralph has no idea. OH THEY SHOW REPLAY OF SOMEONE HITTING MITTENS. I can hear “WHY YOU TOUCH MY MITTENS?” coming from the east. Cooke hit Mittens, then Mittens hit back and he acts like he’s dying. Honestly. Ludy asks when the Academy Awards are, he’s going to win, obviously. You’re stupid. Apparently Robidas is taking a penalty for hi-sticking. Whatever.

7:10: Naslund gets it in the net. How the fuck did that happen? 1-0 Vancouver

4:30: It seems Niskanen has been taking skating lessons from Robi and Daley, he has been sticking his butt out quite a bit while skating.

3:20: HEAD EXPLOSION! Morrow shot and it looks like Jew deflected it in. GOOD JOB GUYS. My brains are all over my clean sheets. But watching the replay, Jew had lifted his skate and it went off BURROWS SKATE. TAKE THAT BURROWS. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR MESSING WITH MORROWNATOR IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!! Yay Brenden!! They are reviewing the goal, I swear. Ralph is right when he says they review more goals here than any other place. They show Brenden with a cute little smirk. Oh I can’t wait ’til Friday.

3:02: Ludy is going on about chemistry between Ribbons and Morrow. I want chemistry. I was real good in chemistry.

1:57: My head still explodes, Bill announced Jew got an assist on the goal.

59: Was that a hip check Nisky? REALLY? Good boy.

00: Stars got some nice chances during the last 10 seconds. They definitely improved as the period went on. And I can’t hear anything Ludy is saying over Bills announcements in the arena.

First Intermission
Oh my goodness Brenden interview. Thanks for making my day better. Though I am very disappointed when instead of interviewing Morrow, as they said they would before the break, they are interviewing Ribeiro. You are not cool; not Ribbons, whoever decided to tease me about Brenden. Ribbons is awesome, obviously.

They are reairing the Finland vs. Sweden video. Finland wins, sorry swedes. My favorite part though is them interviewing Jussi, I love listening to him talk.

2nd period

No other goalie has had a better record post-season than Marty Turco the last 7 years. YOU HEAR THAT PEOPLE? MARTY TURCO IS AWESOME.

19:33: While Marty is standing all attentive watching the plays in his zone, he reminds me of a Meerkat. Look at it next time you’ll notice it. Please stop playing Guitar Hero songs AAC.

16:48: After a BAD icing call (Brenden’s stick SO TOUCHED IT FIRST), McIver nudges Brenden, which he doesn’t appreciate so he hits him back. Good boy Brenden.

16:28: Someone please shove that mic into Ludy’s mouth.

15:18: Jussi looks pretty peeved that his shot didn’t go in, I mad too Jussi, you deserved that.

14:35: Caitlin informs me she missed Jussi’s pants. She dirty. But I missed his pants too.

14:00: Ritchie takes a penalty. Hahaha. Evil laugh.

13:37: Yet again, I am not the power play contestant. Maybe on my birthday?



They come out of commercial break to tell me Turco is okay. Cooke pushed Halpern right down onto Turco’s head. That is not cool Cooke. First you hit Mittens then try to make one of our own players hurt our goalie. You are on my shitlist. Cooke got a penalty out of it.

9:40: What is with so many players cutting their pants up? It’s made Jussi’s pants double in size, which was hard to do.

8:48: Fistric gets a GREAT hit! That’s because he’s an ogre.

5:39: Cooke hits Eriksson in front of the net, and Fistric knocks someone over and the Canucks are trying to get over him. Didn’t I warn you about his donkey?

5:26: Dallas is on the powerplay, they get a good chance in front of the net and RIBEIRO and Burrows get into a little brawl that the refs quickly try to break up. Both get roughing minors. Whatever.

5:00: They have the Finns out for the PP, hee. I love our Finns.


1:15: Turco was sprawled out as a Canuck gets a shot on the goal, it bounces off a post and out, but they review to see if it bounced off the inside of the post. And yes, it went in much to my dismay. 2-2

1:00: Jussi looks absolutely livid on the bench. Kinda scares me.

00: Sigh. Come on guys.

2nd intermission

HERE IS MY BRENDEN INTERVIEW OMIGOSH. What an unexpected surprise. I know Brenden, you heard my cries of disappointment and demanded an interview for me. He doesn’t look to happy though, but that okay. Apparently they are coming back with more “stuff” after the break.

Apparently they will be honoring Mike Modano IN Minnesota Thursday for being the all-time scoring leader. That’s mah boy.

3rd period

17:36: Barnes gets a nice shot off but it hits the post. That makes me sad. Someone should go to the game who has amazing reflexes and a huge magnet.

16:16: 2 Stars totally just collided by the net. Luckily nothing horrendous came of it.

14:00: Brenden totally Morrownates Edler. heh

12:06: Seriously? They show a Red Wings fan in the audience? WTF DUDE.



6:50: Feed returns, but keeps going a bit wonky.

5:40: Returns from commercial with a nice shot of Brenden on bench.

5:04: Mittens gets a breakaway with a pass from Turco and with patience waits for Ribeiro, who can’t quite get it towards the net. Sad.

4:04: Don’t look so sad Fishsticks, I’ll give you some tartar sauce, or an onion.

00: Game is going to overtime. Oi.


3:27: Most of the OT is in the Vancouver zone. The PBC line is out with avengence.

2:00: Mo turns the puck over after a rush into the Canuck zone. It okay Mo, because game not over.

1:45: I hate overtime, I find myself breathing only during play stoppage.


1:13: Oh Jussi, you’re pants. They are so huge.

00: And shootout, here we come.

The Shootout

Of course, they go on about how awesome our team is at the shootout in NHL history. (So excited for Turco hop)

  1. The Master is up first; Jussi Jokinen and his giant pants: score with his signature shootout move
  2. Naslund: Score
  3. Lehtinen: Luongo saves
  4. Edler: Turco saves, but should get a goal for putting Edler in the net
  5. Modano: Luongo saves
  6. Linden: Hits the post
  7. Ribiero: Goes through Luongo and just wide of the net
  8. D. Sedin: Turco saves
  9. Hagman: Luongo saves
  10. Kesler: Too high
  11. MORROWNATOR: SCORE!!!!!!!!!
  12. Pyatt: TURCO SAVE

STARS WIN 3-2!!!!!


Rhadigan makes me extremely excited by saying Boucher is in the locker room and will be joining him shortly.

cockatiel_care.jpgCaitlin has ruined Ludwig for me forever by refering to him as a cockatiel, and he totally looks like one tonight with his hair sticking up over the headphones.  Ralph and Ludy cut to an interview with Mr. Marty Turco!!  You did awesome Marty.  But Marty looks absolutely exhausted.

Three stars of the game are

  1. Brenden Morrow
  2. Mike Ribiero
  3. Markus Naslund

Obviously Brenden took the number 1 star, as he always should.  But I am a tad biased.  Something is definitely up with Rhadigan’s mic, he sounds so muffled.

YAY BOUCHER!  He really is a great announcer, they should have him do it more often while he’s out.  I really enjoy it.

Horrible Hair Ric Renner is interview Lehtinen, SUCH A PRECIOUS FINNJA!   He is saying “ya” and it makes me laugh.  Now he interview Brenden, and Brenden is always in his hat.  He jokes about being 2 for 2 in the shootouts, he so precious.   They inform me they’ll be talking to Tipp next, 10 bucks says he’ll look angry.

And I lost, Tippett is happy.  He mentions he got some looks from guys on the bench about putting Morrow in like “are you sure?”  YES HE’S SURE!  And he talks up Brenden, as he always should.  As everyone always should.





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23 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Canucks”

  1. Cat Says:

    Thank god there’s no Hayward, man.

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Yay! Although we do get to view a mumbly, badly mic’ed man-shaped cockatiel.

  3. Caitlin Says:

    Booooouche! I’d much rather have him doing commentary.

  4. Caitlin Says:

    I uh, missed the hit on Mittens because I was so perturbed at Cooke, but um, I’ll give you a WHY YOU TOUCH MY MITTENS just for the hell of it.

  5. Jen Says:

    He was so mean to Mittens :( It make me very unhappy.

  6. Caitlin Says:

    He was so mean to Mittens :( It make me very unhappy.

    NO! I hate it when people are unnecessarily mean to Mittens! Look at that face! And how can you hate on someone named MITTENS?

  7. Jen Says:


  8. Caitlin Says:


    HAHAHAH! There’s not a mean bone in that poor boy’s body! Why can’t you all just leave him alone!


  9. Cat Says:

    Aww Mittens.

    MORROWNATOR graphic wins all

  10. Cat Says:

    Jussi looks absolutely livid on the bench. Kinda scares me.

    I’m so used to smiley!Happy!Jussi!, so it scared me a little, too.

  11. Caitlin Says:

    I can’t help it. I think Jussi, I think pants.

  12. Jen Says:

    I can’t help it. I think Jussi, I think pants.

    as most do.

  13. Jen Says:

    MORROWNATOR graphic wins all

    I have been waiting to use it lmfao

  14. Cat Says:

    I have been waiting to use it lmfao

    Seriously I keep looking at it and snorting because I laugh too hard.

  15. Cat Says:

    Yet again, I am not the power play contestant. Maybe on my birthday?

    That would be AWESOME.

  16. Caitlin Says:

    You’d think as many seats as we’ve bought, they’d make one of us the damn power play contestant!

  17. Jen Says:


  18. Caitlin Says:


  19. Jen Says:

    Wins always make me happy :D

  20. Caitlin Says:

    Lehtinen’s a big fan of the “YA”!

    When Russian comes back, someone better tackle him and duct-tape him to a chair and FORCE HIM TO DO AN INTERVIEW.

    Just sayin’.

  21. Jen Says:

    He is a huge fan of the “ya” but that okay, because I am a big fan of his “ya”

  22. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Jen, I’m sorry I missed this liveblog. It was excellent.

    I agree about OT; not breathing until play stops. I totally do that.

    I never noticed how much Luddy looks like a cockateil! That is so funny!

  23. Jen Says:

    I never noticed how much Luddy looks like a cockateil! That is so funny!

    I know! I can’t NOT see it now!

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