liveblog: Stars vs. Blues

smitty-020708.pngTonight the Stars will be taking on the Blues for the 3rd time this season and for the final time in the AAC. Stars are 1-1 so far this season against St. Louis, the win coming on home ice. Paul Kariya is always a threat against the Stars, which makes me not like him despite the fact that he is my favorite non-Stars player.

Mike Smith will be in goal, he has been in net now for all 3 meetings between the 2 teams. He is of course coming off a shut out in Minnesota, so hopefully he can keep it up! I forgot to mention that after his shutout, he became the NHL’s number 1 star of the night.

Razor talks to Barch about all his fighting this season. Because he’s been in 12 and hasn’t been in every game this season. His accent makes me giggle, I dunno why.

They have Tracey Meyers with Rhadigan, and they do “Tracey’s Tip to This Game.” Stop with the alliterations please.

Ralph and Razor mention the awesomeness that is Nik Hagman. They also mention the Blues have only won 2 of their last 10. This looks promising. Especially since the Blues are last in the NHL for the power play and Stars are number 1 on the penalty kill.

1st period

19:32: First line up: Morrow-Ribeiro-Miettinen against the Kariya line. You get him Morrow.

18:22: Now is Modano with Otter and Lehtinen. Oh how I missed your insanely bright gold laces Lehts.

17:54: Up next, Jussi with Eriksson and Hagman again. Looks like they are keeping the same lines from last week because obviously there is no reason to change.

16:42: Barnes, Barchie and Jew. Yay Jew!

16:05: Mayers is taking a penalty for holding the stick… PBC line out for PP.

14:58: Morrownator totally cranked one past Toivonen, who basically moved out of the way for it to go in. He scared of being Morrownated!

13:41: Stars are taking a penalty for..something. They cut to commercial before telling me. “The Juice is no longer loose” according to Razor. That disturbs me…I see nothing but Jussi running around power Gatorade all over the ice to make the opponents slip. But Jussi is in the box for holding. Whatever.

12:29: Razor is mentioning Blues player Johnson who is still a teenager. And he said he’d be a radio DJ if he wasn’t a hockey player. Srsly kid? You must be crazy.

12:12: Ralph is still confused by him wanting to be a Radio DJ. And they are talking about how Tom Hicks used to be a Radio DJ. Please stop mentioning this stuff. I’d like ONE weekend with no work talk.

11:30: BTW, PP is over, Stars killed it amazingly (hi Patty).

9:55: I like you Smitty, I really do. But do not come so far out of your net when you are surrounded by Blues players. IT IS NOT COOL!

6:35: Oh Mittens, that was so close. You need another goal. Baby Hockey Jesus wants it for you.

The Smokehouse Bacon Burgers at Chili’s do not look good.

6:28: I really wish I was at the game tonight. I can hear Bill announcing to everyone to turn to ___ page and that if their ____ ad is signed by Antti Miettinen they get a free meal; this means little Mittens is on the cover. I want it.

5:09: Brenden is going to box for a totally legal Morrownation (that sounds like a country and a country I would like to live in.) He looks amused by the fact that he’s going to the box. Always postitive, that one.

4:06: Johnson is heading into the zone with the puck and another player goes ahead of him. DJ Name idea 1: Offsides Johnson, he can be a Traffic Reporter and can go by OJ.

1:55: Hee. Blues have a delayed penalty. and 20 seconds later Blues get control. PP number 2 commense!

1:35: Tkuchuk is in the box. Someone behind him is wearing the mooterus. Ew.

00: Period ends with Stars up 1-0.

1st intermision

OH I’m excited! Interview with Finnja Hagman. He has one piece of hair sticking straight up, usually I’d make fun of that but it works for him. Because he is Finnish and is awesome.

They are doing mini-mites during the intermission. Kids playing hockey are so precious. It is the only time I like children.

They are showing some plays from the Wings/Leafs game. Seriously? YOU LOST 2 IN A ROW WINGS? AGAINST THE KINGS AND LEAFS?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

It is also during this intermission that I discover I am the worst scrabble player ever; my words include eye, swan and tao.

2nd period

18:44: So far it’s been back and forth between the two teams. And I got 10 points on “bo.”

17:49: I guess the Juice is loose again, because his Gatorade worked. Stars now up 2-0! The goal light seems to be overly excited about the Jussi goal, because it won’t go off.

Mike Ribiero used to play Baseball. Busy schedule that kid had; hockey, baseball, makeup model for his sisters.. I guess all in a days work

14:43: Tkachuk takes another penalty, hooking. hehhhehhh

14:30-ish: They don’t have the clock up, but Ribbons got a goal!! Stars up 3-0!!! THAT A BOY!!!! HEY!

14:04: I notice during the announcement of Ribbons goal, they never mentioned who the PP contestant tonight is. Please be me so I can get glass seats.

10:40: MITTENS! YOU JUST GRABBED SOMEONE! Oh peaceful Mittens!

10:15: McClement gets it past Smitty, though I don’t know how. To make it 3-1 Stars. I can hear Sabatoge in the background want to play Guitar Hero.

7:54: Mittens got a goal, which I was informed about before it happened. Sometimes being on delay sucks BUT OMG YAY MITTENS!!!! He has been goalless for a while! 4-1 Stars. And with that little Finn Toivonen is out, and awesome Manny Legace is on.

4:55: Smitty got ran over by a Blue while going out of his net to handle a puck he didn’t need to handle. Didn’t I warn you Smitty? I think I did.

4:05: It’s still only the 2nd period? Wow.

1:59: Mayers cuts the Stars lead in half, it’s now 4-2. It was after the Blues managed to get the puck away from Ribeiro (keep it simple stupid) and gets past the D to get one on one with Smitty.

00: Stars really started scrambling in the last 10 seconds, looks like that 2nd goal woke the Blues up.

2nd intermission

Just an announcement: You can play “fug” in scrabble on facebook. Wow.

And Ralphie is interviewing Turco about the hit Tuesday when Cooke pushed Halpern into Turco’s head. Thank goodness his neck is okay. Turco is adorable. He so funny.

Obviously my intermission report is poor, but that is what will happen when you are trying to beat someone at scrabble, especially when you suck.

Ralph informs me the Stars are on Versus Monday. Thank GOD Razor is doing the Versus commentary for us and that we’re on Versus period, because Hayward will be with Ralph. I’m sorry Ralph, I really am.

They are airing a special about Ron Tugnutt. YAYY!

3rd period

18:45: Stars are going on another power play. They mention the power play contestant finally. It’s not me…again.

16:57: It’s now 5-2 Stars thanks to the awesome Finnja Lehtinen!

12:00: It’s another back and forth game, just each team going into each others zones but not getting too much on net. And with La I beat Cat in Scrabble.

11:18: Mittens beats Legacy to make it 6-2!!! Mittens now has a career-high 12 goals!! COME ON MITTENS, ONE MORE ONE MORE ONE MORE!!

10:10: Oh, Blues are on a Power Play, because they accused Robi of something I am positive he didn’t do.

4:23: I’m interested to see if they’ll pull the goalie at all, because seriously? You think you’ll come back after being down 6-4? And Dallas takes a penalty.

Ribbons is in the box. Aw Ribbons. I know you didn’t do it.

00: If it’s not obvious, the 3rd period wasn’t full of too much other than back and forth hockey players. Stars pull out the win (heh pull out). 6-2.


They interview Ribbons, who had a GREAT game!  He refers to Mittens as their little Lehtinen haha.

Three stars of the night are

  1. Antti Miettinen
  2. Mike Smith
  3. Jamal Mayers

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6 Responses to “liveblog: Stars vs. Blues”

  1. Cat Says:

    They are showing some plays from the Wings/Leafs game. Seriously? YOU LOST 2 IN A ROW WINGS? AGAINST THE KINGS AND LEAFS?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

    I’m sure people could hear me three miles away shrieking with laughter.

  2. Jen Says:

    It makes me happy.

  3. Cat Says:

    I suck so hard at Scrabulous. I’m dumb.

    Oh my god, can you imagine playing Scrabble against Caitlin? I would just give up immediately. She’s all smart and stuff!

  4. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    DJ Name idea 1: Offsides Johnson


    Thanks for the PK shoutout! :P

    And I was kind of stunned when the second period ended, too, and it was only the second period! I actually wondered, for a second, why Smitty just ambled over toward the bench and nobody came out to congratulate him.

    Great game! And excellent diary! I don’t know how you do it. Plus, play a game of scrabble at the same time. :D

  5. Jen Says:

    I was hoping Johnson would do something else so I could make more names for him, but sadly he didn’t. So OJ it is!

    I think that game seemed long to everyone haha

  6. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    I think that game seemed long to everyone haha

    Especially the Blues, I’d bet.

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