The Phoenix Home-Home series…

So I guess it’s safe to call this a home-home series, since we played in the AAC Monday against Phoenix and in Arizona last night. 

I will start with game 1: GOOD JOB GUYS!!  Old Star Kapanen got the scoring started in the first period.  But the Stars, as they have done many times previous, rallied for a comback and ended up winning the game 2-1 putting them on a 7 game win streak!  Dallas goals were scored by Steve Ott and Mike Modano.  It was a fun game to watch.  Phoenix has been playing pretty well lately (much in part to the amazing Bryzgalov) so they really had to step up against this team.

Now, for the game last night.  Here is an idea Stars: LET’S NOT PLAY ON MY BIRTHDAY!!  You have played on my birthday 3 times since 2003 and have lost every one of them.  Let’s notice a pattern here.  Also why did you feel the need to tell me about the turmoil Brenden Morrow went through after Vrbata skated over his wrist? (Yes Vrbata, I am coming for you now that I know it was you.)  That is not cool guys, not cool at all.

As far as the game goes, the guys just didn’t look totally together and Phoenix capitalized on it; beating the Stars 5-2.  It started out the same as it had Monday, with Phoenix getting the first goal then the Stars countering (thanks Jussi for the sweet steal.)  But the Coyotes scored a 2nd late in the first period, another in the second and started the third period off with a short handed goal.  It was too much for the Stars to catch up to, but they sure did try.

The only good thing about the game last night?  I got to see Brad Winchester play on my birthday :D

 Stars take on Anaheim tonight.


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