Liveblog: Stars vs. Red Wings

Liveblog of the usual intense game between the Stars and the Wings will commense at 2:30.

I’m actually going to make a prediction. I’m calling Stars 3 Red Wings 2.


Why am I so nervous? I’m nervous. I also hate the NBC announcers. They are talking about some other games I really don’t care about (except that the Rangers beat the Sharks, and that makes me happy)

They show video of outside the AAC in Victory Plaza, got giant Russian scares me. That must be how Russian would’ve felt had he been there when I had my giant birthday card. I sorry Russian.

They interview Mike Modano before the puck drop, and I can see Lundy in the background!! He hasn’t played in a while..

1st period

20:00: They call them the struggling Red Wings..that right NBC. They struggling. Struggle against us please.

19:00: 1 minute in and I already feel like I’m going to throw up.

17:57:Jitterbug looked to practically just walk through the D. Y’all are going to have to do better than that.

17:10: Doc and that other dude are talking about how awesome the Stars are and how no one really notices. That’s right bitches, Stars are awesome.

16:20: BRENDEN MORROW A QUESTION MARK?! WHAT? I do not like hearing this. Brenden you are fine. Or please be fine.

14:36: TWO WINGS got a breakaway, it got through Marty but hit the post. Phew

13:51: Someone in the Stars is taking a penalty. I not pleased. Come on PK. Hagman is taking the penalty for holding. Whatever.

13:20: Stars actually manage to get a rush during the PK.

12:50: A minute into the PP and the Stars have given the Wings nothing.

11:51: Good job guys. Wings are 0-1 on the PP.

10:40: I hear helmetless and assume it’s Halpie, but alas it is a Red Wing.

10:10: Turco I think got away with handling the puck in the no-handle zone.

Out of commercial they are interviewing Tippett. His upper lip is sweating. I nervous too Tipp.

7:20: Brenden did some nifty puck work to keep it in the zone and keep it away from Wings. You do good Brenden.

6:45: Stop mentioning that we are without Russian. I do not want Caitlin to be upset.

6:28: They mention Steve Ott and his mouth lol and he mentions his line to Cote about gatorade. Oh Otter.

5:05: Eriksson totally just roenacked a puck from a Wings player, that was kick ass Loui. But then Draper hits Stu. Do not mess with Stu.

3:55: These announcers are just talking all over one another, learn some etiquette.


3:10: Stars get a shot off immediately off the face off, but Jew is taking a goalie interference penalty. Whatever. I totally saw that Wing player push Jew back into the goalie. Bite me.

2:26: Wings are getting more opportunities this PP than last, but Turco has been fantastic. Right on his game.

1:10: PP is over, and our PK was on again.

00: 1st is over, I’m still breathing and still alive. It’s 0-0.

1st intermission

They are talking about some other teams and other players I really could give 2 shits about. I’ve spent the first few minutes of the intermission trying to figure out where they have the NBC people set up at the AAC. And it’s going to bother me until I figure it out.

Now they are talking about how the Wings have not been very good lately *evil giggle*. AHH SHOW THE SCREEN! THEY ARE DOING FINNISH OR GIBBERISH!! NOO DON’T GO TO COMMERCIAL!!!

2nd period

19:30: I don’t like the way they say Robidas.

19:12: Datsyuckie is getting a penalty (heh) And apparently our PP is sponsered by the Navy. and HAHAHAHA. Anaham.

17:45: Someone just hit Hagman and he looked like he was in a bit of pain. You be okay Finnja.

16:25: Do not compare Otter to Avery; Otter is true in saying that he has nothing in common with Avery. You are a better player.

15:52: Stuie got a nice shot off, but Howard stopped it. It’s weird seeing a Wings goalie in what I consider to be a ‘normal’ goalie helmet.

14:41: Daley is taking a penalty, for something I am sure he didn’t do. Whatever refs. Y’all making me mad.

13:40: I can feel my nerves coming back on me, the longer this game goes being 0-0.

13:10: Oh god, Robi is just shaking his hand and looks hurt. Oh god Oh god Oh god Oh god.

11:22: The Stars seem to be doing almost the exact same play over and over. It’s kinda making me laugh. Just keep at it guys.

They come out of the commercial to show Robi getting the puck to the hand.

10:17: And Robi is back out, so thank God he’s okay. That’s mah boy.

7:05:Wings are taking a penalty. Heh. They are showing the person with the mic, and it’s NOT MORROW LIKE THEY ORIGINALLY SAID. I love you Stuie but wtf?! Sigh. You make me angry.

5:30: The Stars are getting some FANTASTIC chances, but Howard has had answers for all of them. All chances are off of Morrownator shots, because he is the awesome.

4:30: Nisky totally looked guilty of a penalty, even the people in the penalty box people thought so. Oh well, I’m not going to complain. It keeps the Wings off the PP.

3:20: OH GOD. My heart just stopped. We were VERY close to getting a puck in the net but they couldn’t control the puck enough to get it above the sprawling Howard.

2:40: Just to cover my butt, if there is no more writing after this it’s because I’ve died. That’s all. And I hate the way they say Miettinen. At it sounds like they just called him Happy Norstrom.

35: They show shot of Robi on bench bleeding from his mouth. Good lord Robi, you be working hard. I heart you. Holstrom knocked him with his stick when he fell over, how was that not a penalty?!

2nd intermission

I totally didn’t pay attention to the first part of the intermission, but I am extremely excited about after the commercial; they will be talking to Ribbons. The old pictures of Ribbons are adorable. SO PRECIOUS that he plays goalie for his children!

3rd period

20:00: Oh God this period is going to kill me.

19:16: Ott is taking a penalty for I don’t know what, but I’m not happy about it. Tippett isn’t either. He got called for tripping which is a totally bogus call.

17:16: Who knew I could hold my breath for almost 2 minutes.


15:49: During a break they are highlighting the ‘team leaders’; the two being Jitterbug and Morrownator.

14:52: Wings were scarily close to getting a goal, I actually don’t know how they didn’t get that in. But that’s because Turco and our team are doing fantastic.

14:20: They say something about Robi leaving the bench? Oh, equipment problems. That makes me let out a sigh of relief. You are my number 1 star of the night day Robi.

12:05: Wings are taking a penalty………this looks like it could be promising.

10:30: Well they are having some problems keeping it in the offensive zone, but that okay.

10:05: Penalty is over with no goal. They tried. That’s all I can ask.

9:00: I’m finding that I am having to remind myself to breath. This game is too close and it’s making me have horrible anxiety. Please end.

6:30: Draper is taking a penalty! EEEE

4:30: Some good chances, but it’s still 1-0.

3:20: I notice I’ve gone through about half a pack of cigarettes since this game started. That isn’t good.

2:20: The Wings can’t seem to get it in past the blue line, and anytime they do the Stars jump on them immediately.

1:50: And I’m really not liking the fact that the announcers who are not supposed to be biased are; and for the wrong team.

55: Howard is on the bench, Wings get it at the net but Turco makes a super-sassy save.

32: Turco makes another fantastic save, and now there is a scrum to the left of Marty’s net. Oh goodness. No breathing for the next 30 seconds.

00: TURCO JUST SHUT OUT THE RED WINGS!!! My prediction was way off, but like it matters, because we won.


The three stars of the game are

  1. Marty Turco
  2. Niklas Hagman
  3. James Howard

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6 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Red Wings”

  1. Cat Says:

    These announcers are just talking all over one another, learn some etiquette.

    For real, we need to get them a copy of Miss Manners.

  2. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    I hear helmetless and assume it’s Halpie

    What is with him? It’s like a theme.

    That was such a great game. I was holding my breath the whole time, too. And when the clock was ticking down, I was going crazy! I haven’t been that revved up for a win in ages!! And then they just go to the news. I need a post-game show!

  3. Jen Says:

    that game was insane!
    I know! It was weird not having a post game show. I turned on WBAP after it was over hoping for some sort of player interview but there were none :(

  4. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    They had Hagman on The Ticket’s postgame show, but it was a struggle sitting through Bob and Dan long enough to hear it. :P

  5. Caitlin Says:

    I was so happy for Marty! Yay, Marty! I know he always has problems with the Wings, so it was good to see him get a shutout against them!

    (And to the person who hit Robi and made him bleed? NOT COOL!)

  6. Jen Says:

    (And to the person who hit Robi and made him bleed? NOT COOL!)

    I KNOW! I am adding him to my shitlist tonight. Even though I have the entire Red Wings team on there, he deserves his own.

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