Stars rally in the 3rd to beat the Blues

martyblues.jpgFirst off, I will start this by announcing how Rhadigan made himself look like the biggest idiot ever in the universe. Just because they have notes on their jerseys Mr Rhadigan, does not make them the “St Louis Blue Notes”. And secondly, as far as the Edmonton-Wings game goes; yes the Wings seem to be struggling being down 1-0 into the third. But remember, they are playing Edmonton. Despite what you might think, Mr. Rhadigan, Edmonton does not equal Calgary.

Now onto the actual game. I’m going to put this bluntly, the Stars were awful in the first. They couldn’t see to get it together. The only one who had it together was Marty, and he managed to keep it 1-0 through the first two periods. Keith Tkachuk got the first goal of the game, with an assist from Eric Brewer.

The Stars didn’t give up and came out swinging in the third. Otter of course, literally, getting into a brawl with Yan Statsny. Loui Eriksson got the scoring started 2:27 into the third with a goal from Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow. Lehtinen got one past poor 5 foot nothing Manny Legace a little over 5 minutes later with a goal from Mike Ribeiro and Mike Modano. Apparently Lehtinen is such a good player, it’s like “nailing Jello to a tree” per Razor. Okay Razor. Eriksson bookended Lehtinen’s goal less than 2 minutes later with his second of the night. As I said before, Turco was their best player making some fantastic saves.

The penalties tonight were insane. Stars had 9 called against them including Ott’s fighting major while St. Louis only had 4. If I didn’t know better, I’d say someone in the Blues organization approached the Refs telling them they need to get to the playoffs, handed them some money and told them to go buy themselves a new whistle because they sure used it tonight. I forgot to mention; tonight was officially Boucher’s first game back. He wasn’t expected to return until the home game against Chicago, but Grossman got hit in the face with a puck and Nisky has a bruised foot. So Boucher came back early and Stars recalled Dan Jancevski from Iowa.

Three stars of the night are

  1. Loui Eriksson
  2. Mike Ribeiro
  3. Marty Turco

Now, onto other things. After the initial shock I am thinking, of course, that this trade for Brad Richards is not a bad one. He is almost a point a game during his entire career, so that can’t be bad, at all. I know, I am stating the obvious. But I just wanted to get it out there. I am excited to see his first game Thursday when the Stars take on the Chicago Blackhawks.

Update: Detroit and Edmonton went to a Shootout, with Edmonton coming out with the win. This puts Dallas 5 points behind Detroit for first place in the league.


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    4 Responses to “Stars rally in the 3rd to beat the Blues”

    1. thesigngirls Says:

      Rhadigan also said Richards was signed until 2010-11… Can he not add 8+2 to get 10?

    2. Jen Says:

      Well, Richards is signed until 10-11 lol

    3. Cat Says:

      “Initial shock” is right. I was majorly upset about the trade at first. I’m still sad at who we gave up, obviously, but admittedly, it’s a good trade.

    4. thesigngirls Says:

      Okay.. I thought Heika said he was signed two more seasons.. I must be wrong then.

      I need to see some results before I think it’s a not-terrible trade. I have too many memories of Turgeon, Young, Lindros, etc


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