Just a few quick notes

Since there is no game until Wednesday (Geezus what am I going to do?) here are a few things going on with the team.

They had their 3rd and final Dr Pepper Luncheon series today with assistant coach Mark Lamb, Trevor Daley and Marty Turco. I’m assuming it went well….

Mike Ribeiro had x-rays today on his elbow because it had swelling. (You are now officially shitlisted, Tootoo) That is no bueno. MMM Bueno. Anyway, because of this they put Toby Peterson on re-entry waivers so they can call him up just in case Ribeiro is unable to suit up Wednesday. I am not a happy camper. Peterson is pretty good though, I was very impressed with him in the preseason. Here is a small video from the Iowa Stars website about him…

(Ps. Iowa Stars? I expect a Stars Talk w/ Chris Conner soon.. YOU HEAR ME?! I’ve gone too long without seeing him and it’s starting to upset me)

Also, you should watch this video of Brenden and his wife giving a tour of the new house they are having built. All I have to say about this is whatever. I’m sure we all know my feelings. The house is pretty though.


I also forgot to mention that Saturday was Brad Winchester’s birthday. YAY WINCHESTER!!! You such a giant.


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