Liveblog: Stars vs. Colorado

Colorado is the 2nd team on my “I hate you” list. I’m not fond of them whatsoever. Today is the first of a home-and-home series between the two teams, and it’s sure to be two good games, well I hope so anyway.

Let’s not suck today Stars. Especially after the week I’ve had.

1st period

Just for the record, both Ralph and Razor’s suits are the color of shit. Not attractive guys. At all

20:00: They start with an odd line, Richards-Lehtinen-Ott. Okay, so it’s not exactly odd, but it’s a line I wasn’t expected to see. I guess trying to mix it up. Oh god they have Norstrom and Niskanen together.

19:15: Mo is out with Mittens and Hags. That’ll be interesting! I guess they just mixed up Richards and Mo.

18:40: You know, the only good thing about Boucher being it out is that both Fistric and Grossman get to play. Granted, I’d much rather have Boucher play because he is made of awesome, but I know they won’t sit Norstrom so our two young fantastic D-Men can play.

17:40: ahhhhh Jeff Finger!!!!! I wish I could remember why I hate you. But stay away from Brenden or I’ll come up with a new reason.

17:10: They kept Petersen up apparently, AND WINCHESTER IS PLAYING AGAINNNNNNNN. YESSSSS!!!!

16:40: Okay Liles, do you really think you can try to keep Giant Winchester on the boards? You must be mistaken. He is 7 inches taller than you dude!

14:30: Bless you Hagman, you try so hard. I wish that had gone in. FINGER YOU LEAVE HAGMAN ALONE.

12:30: Leopold, you let Winchester go to the net whenever he wants, I demand it.

11:34: Hahaaaa Stars on a Power Play. Let’s please be better on it tonight than on Wednesday.

11:04: MITTENS GOAL!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES. Do not boo Colorado people, you suck. Robi and Richards get the assists :D

10:05: Otter…why are you on line with Ribbons and Eriksson? WHERE IS BRENDEN?

9:20: Otter still out with Richards and Lehtinen. Oh Brenden where is you..Richards hit the post on a shot though. Good boy Richards, keep trying!

7:53: There be Brenden. I can breath again. I don’t get why they put Otter on PBC line.

7:30: and now Norstrom is in the box. boo

7:05: WTF Liles trying to fight Robi! DO NOT MESS WITH ROBI. That’s right, get in the box.

5:00: Nothing came of either power play or 4-on-4. Good job PK!

1:42: After a totally huge mess in front of Turco, Fistric takes a hooking call. I refuse to believe Fishsticks would do such a thing.

15: Holy shit. Forsberg goes on net to center it, only to have that blocked. Colorado gets to the rebound and attempts to shoot it in over Turco who is sprawled on the ice. BUT YES, TURCO STOPPED. He is awesome.

00: And the period ends with the Stars up 1-0. Hehehehehehehe

1st intermission
I was hoping for Winchester interview since he scored his first goal yesterday, but instead they are interviewing Trevor Daley. Aw Daley. He so soft spoken. But i heart him anyway.

2nd period

Let us hope that wordpress doesn’t decide to delete my post. Again.

20:00: Avs start the period with about 20 seconds left on their power play.

14:40: Stars have gotten a few scoring chances. The Avs, however, not having as much luck. The Stars are pouncing on them anytime they get past the blue line.

14:15: And Morrow drives towards the net and manages to get a penalty called against the Avs. Heh good job.

12:23: I not power play contestant again. Sigh. and the Avs have killed the power play. Boo.

9:48: You know, with Booboo be out again, I vote they bring him in for Open Net. That would be so awesome.

9:00: Peterson got a NICE steal from a Avs player to rush into the Avs zone with Winchester. Unfortunately I didn’t get a 2nd Winchester goal.


Turco is making a lot of amazing stops, I mean he hasn’t had to make TOOO many great ones, but when he does he’s having to make 3 or 4 of them in a row and is doing it amazingly.

4:57: And Hagman is taking a penalty. No fun

4:43: Apparently the Avs have the leagues worst power play, and are up against the best penalty kill in the league. Haha. This will be fun.

3:50: Richards gets into the Avs zone and I must say, he has some fancy footwork. 5.8 for the gold.

3:30: And Mo and Morrow get another shorthanded rush. Wow, they do suck at the power play.


00: Stars stay up 1-0. But Niskanen is having a hard time standing up. GEEZ McCormick, why you do Nisky like that?

2nd intermission
Seriously Razor, I want Boucher for Open Net. Come to my blog and listen to me.

I love that Zubov laughed when Niskanen kept falling over in a game. Thanks for telling us that Nisky, oh it made me laugh.

3rd period

18:15: Miettinen is really making some nice plays today, it make me happy to see.

18:00: And Brenden totally Morrownated Arnason. Hehh

17:35: Looks like Nisky was not hurt, for he is back on the ice. Good boy Nisky.

16:49: Well that was a fancy schmancy stop Turco, bounced off his pads right into his glove.

15:15: That’s right you ram finger Morrow (heh that sounds funny)

14:55: FINGER. FINGER. DEAD. YOU. ARE DEAD. I KNEW I HATED YOU. DO NOT HIT BRENDEN LIKE THAT INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Oh God Brenden. And the fact that he only got 2 minutes? AND THE CROWD IS BOOING? Okay, Colorado is now TIED FOR FIRST on most hated list thanks to the fans.

12:20: Colorado scores to make it 1-1. I swear Stars, if you do not win this after what Fucking Finger did to Brenden *sob*

11:28: Mittens takes a hooking call. God.

10:50: Razor mentions that Niskanen is gone now. EEK We’re losing players left and right!

10:22: BRENDEN BRENDEN THANK GOD YOU’RE OKAY. But Modano is now on the ice and slow to get up. GEEZUS STOP IT.

9:48: FUCKING GEEZ. 2-1 Avs. I’m pissed.

8:44: And Dallas is taking another penalty. STOP TAKING STUPID PENALTIES.

8:10: For goodness sakes please just get control of the puck

8:04: Finally. Ribeiro is taking 2 minutes for slashing. GRR RIBBONS.

6:49: Hags and Barnes get a nice shorthanded rush, keep trying guys!


1:04: TURCO OUT OF NET. AND SRSLY WHY IS NORSTROM OUT THERE? But Theodore stops the puck as soon as the Stars get it anywhere near him.

18: One final attack left. *sob* Robi is without a stick

03: And they get an empty net. whatever.

00: I hate everything.


The three stars of the games are all Avs, therefore I do not care.  Stars face Colorado again tomorrow night at 7.  Please let that one go better.


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2 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Colorado”

  1. Myra Says:

    Thanks for sticking with your live blog, Jen. Not sure I would have had the heart. They looked so good in the 1st. Loosing Niskanen seemed to suck the wind out of the D-men, plus the fact that they kept putting Daley & Norstrom out there together. Why??? Should have been Fistric instead of Norstrom, moves so much faster. Hope everyone can be ready for tomorrow. Seemed like bodies were going down right and left, scary stuff.

  2. Cat Says:

    Boo-Boo on Open Net would be awesome!!

    Less awesome? Jeff Finger. I hate that guy.

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