Steve Ott Suspended

Yep, for 3 games for his hit on Leopold Saturday.

Here is the video (it’s not the fight, but they show the actual hit)

Otter is not a dirty player, he just has a dirty mouth.  It is really unfortunate that Leopold got hurt.  I think one game would’ve been enough for a first-time offender, since it seems he briefly left his feet.  I do not, however, believe that Ott intended to injure Leopold, it’s just that Leopold bending over put Ott’s shoulder and arm right by his head.  To me (though I could be biased and I’m trying not to be now that I’m over my original anger) it doesn’t look like Otter wasn’t aiming at his head.

Oh, and San Jose is now top of the Division.

The better news is that the Tampa Bay Lightning won tonight against the New York Islanders. Halpie had 3 points (a goal and 2 assists) and Jussi had an assist. Yay boys!!

Source: Heika


10 Responses to “Steve Ott Suspended”

  1. Justice Says:


  2. Jen Says:

    Feel better?

  3. starsfan Says:

    Yes, I am not happy about this suspension and the seemingly arbitrary rulings on and off the ice that the NHL has made lately. The play did not get a penalty at the time and the Avs made far more questionable hits on us in both games if I remember correctly yet they choose to punish Otter? Shame, shame, shame.

  4. FarStucker Says:

    Shame, shame, shame on you for not taking off your homer goggles before making that comment. Far more questionable? No. Questionable, perhaps, but not nearly as questionable as Ott’s. Just because there was no penalty doesn’t mean there shouldn’t have been one. People get nailed in the face with sticks and get cut, and sometimes there’s no penalty called. That’s just the way the game works sometimes.

  5. Jen Says:

    Is that username really necessary?

  6. Myra Says:

    The real question is did he deserve a 3 game suspension compared to some of the other suspensions handed down this year? Especially considering it is his first suspension. Ott is a great agitator but does not make a habit of dirty hits.

    Now that said, “Farstucker” why don’t you go back and play with the other 8th graders and stop annoying us.

  7. Fars Tucker Says:

    Three games may have been a bit excessive, but a suspension was not out of line.

  8. Caitlin Says:

    Three games may have been a bit excessive, but a suspension was not out of line.

    Then I don’t think it’s unnecessary to claim that suspensions should have been handed out for the hits on Morrow, Modano and Niskanen.

    My problem is that the league’s suspensions are arbitrary and are only involved if someone gets hurt.

  9. Justice Says:

    Mr Fars, you’ve hurt Myra’s feelings and you are hereby suspended!

  10. StarsFan Says:

    Dear Mr Fars,
    How do I know you are a “Mr”? Oh, I think chances are good that you are. I stand by my comment. Let me introduce a concept to you – OPINION. An opinion is not a factual statement and cannot be proven. To argue something that can never be proven is a waste of time and effort. As previously suggested, perhaps another venue would be more appropriate for you to run amuck and “stir the pot”.

    Ott is not a dirty player. This is his first “infraction” with the NHL. The hits on Morrow, Modano and Niskanen were, in my OPINION, far more questionable.

    I hear your mommy calling….run along now.

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