Well that sucked

I’m not even sure I want to talk about the 5-3 loss to Detroit last night.  Dallas goals were scored by Trevor Daley, Jere Lehtinen and Brenden Morrow.  Turco looks great in the first 2 periods.  Though, at the end of the 2nd after the Wings scored their second goal, the Stars seemed to go into panic mode; as they do whenever we play the Wings.  It was awful from that point on.  Does much else need to be said?  No.

In other annoying news, have you seen this video yet?

Now, I didn’t actually see this game.  All I have seen in the YouTube video.  But it does look an awful lot like an intentional stomp on my poor Midget’s friend Kesler.  Oh, and no suspension will come of it.  Something seem not right here? Seems Pronger had a meeting today.  So we’ll see how many games he gets suspended.  Chris Simon recieved 30 games for a similar incident in December.

I’m actually surprised, considering Campbell has handed out 4 suspensions since Tuesday.  I’m beginning to think he has a certain quota to fill when it comes to suspensions, because they seem to be coming swiftly this season. 

The better news is that Mr Mike Modano has entered the blogging world.  You can find his blog on the Dallas Stars website.

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One Response to “Well that sucked”

  1. jenn Says:

    pronger, that fucker!! good thing he’s already shitlisted! especially since he wont get a suspension. you know it seems like the dirtier they are, the more they are treated like a ‘golden child’….(read: pronger, tootoo, marchment, simon-who should be thrown out of the nhl altogether). at least it didnt happen in a game against us with mick mcpoo, because we would have gotten the penalty for pronger stomping on one of our guys…

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