Well that was almost a comeback…

Stars played their 4th and final game against Vancouver last night. It was also their last game against a non-pacific division team. They decided to start Johan Holmqvist in net. Poor guy, I think he was hella nervous because he gave up 3 goals in the first period. Though, I will say that one of them I don’t even think Marty would have been able to stop and another he probably could have if the D in front of him hadn’t completely broken down.

Stars got on the board with 15 seconds left in the first period with a goal by Lundqvist. I sent his number in predicting he’d score the first goal, but sadly I did not win the autographed puck. (BOO) Mike Modano and Brad Richards scored in the 2nd period to tie the game, Turco was also put in net in the 2nd. I must say, my throat was definitely hurting after that 2nd period.

Then three minutes intothe 3rd, Brendan Morrison put the Canucks in the lead again. Poor Marty was scrambling, then got rammed into by Morrison and Robi (who was trying to cover Morrison) and Robi got hit in the face and was taken off the ice. Talk about stressed out, luckily he returned later in the game. Unfortunately, Stars were unable to get another goal and Vancouver took the game.

Because the Stars were unable to get the 2 points they desperately needed, they are now 5th in the division since Anaheim won yesterday. Oi.


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3 Responses to “Well that was almost a comeback…”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Damn, I was hoping you’d beat them to get a division rival off our backs. Here’s to hoping you guys beat the shit out of the Ducks!

  2. Myra Says:

    I felt so bad for Holmer. He never stood a chance. I heard later that the Canucks spent over 10 minutes in our zone during that period. That is a long time without a break.

    My husband was loosing his voice by 2nd intermission as well. Can’t say the crowd wasn’t into it and supporting the team!

    One light moment for us came when they announced to check your programs to see if Mark Fistric had signed The Dallas Fish Market ad. We all three cracked up. We think someone has been reading ya’lls blogs and knew he is known as Fishsticks.

  3. Jen Says:

    lmao aw fishsticks

    I was so excited when i asked who was on the cover and the guy told me Fistric. I was like OMGZZZZ

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