Pros vs. Prospects

What is this you might ask?  It’s a game that began back during the NHL lockout that put the champion Texas Tornado against hockey pros.  The fourth annual event takes place this Friday at Deja Blue Arena at the Frisco StarCenter.  Of course, I’ll be there along with Cat and Caitlin.

Scheduled to play are some former Stars and some other hockey legends: Greg Adams, Bob Bassen, Neal Broten, Kelly Chase, Steve Duchesne, Nelson Emerson, Corey Hirsch, Benoit Hogue, Bill Huard, Brett Hull, Jim Johnson, Craig Ludwig, Luc Robitaille, Al Secort, Pat Verbeek, Rick Zombo, Ulf Dahlen, Mark Lamb with Dave Tippett coaching.

Tickets are still available and are $25.  Money of course is for a charity, which makes this event even more awesome.  More details can be found here.



5 Responses to “Pros vs. Prospects”

  1. StarsFan Says:

    OMG Beeker (verbeek) is gonna play that game and I cannot believe I cant go but my girl child has hockey practice so I’ll be there instead. Please cheer on Hogue and Beeker for me when you go! Take lots of pics!! : )

  2. Cat Says:

    I am so excited for REAL.

  3. Myra Says:

    I’m so jealous! We are going to be out of town so I have a request, too! I can’t wait to hear your report on Hull but I also want to hear about Neal Broten and pics, lots of pics that I can squeal over! Thanks!!!

  4. Jen Says:

    lol no worries
    I’m sure pictures will be a plenty.
    I just wish my good camera worked.

  5. Caitlin Says:

    I cannot believe I cant go but my girl child has hockey practice so I’ll be there instead.

    Is this the Russian-braving girl child? What a rad kid!

    I know Jen’s taking pictures and I’m bringing along my camera, too. Can’t resist the lure of Ulf Dahlen and Dave Tippett up close & personal, what can I say.

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