Where art thou Maytag repair man?

Because maybe you can fix this. The Stars, who have gone 5-1 against the Ducks this series just lost to said team 2-1. They played fantastic the first 2 periods. Morrownator got a short-handed goal in the first. Granted, they did allow Bertuzzi to get a power play goal in the 2nd period, but still. The way the team was playing, it looked like they could come back from that. WHAT HAPPENED? What happened to my February Stars? Where have they gone? I am about to hire a damn search party. After going 12-2 in February, we are now 1-6 in March.

I have one solution that might help: STOP PUTTING OUR TWO WORST D-MEN ON THE ICE TOGETHER. Norstrom and Nisky do NOT make a good pair. It’s not cool. And you need to stop it now.  Also, if Morrownator could stop taking penalties it’d help, too.  Or if the refs could, you know, just overlook it all like they do with Pronger.

Maybe someone can enlighten me on what is so great about Niskanen? This will sound awful, because he is a cool kid. Really he is, but he is not some ‘fantastic’ rookie everyone makes him out to be. He’s had more ice time than Grossman and Fistric, but yet makes the most mistakes each game. Almost everytime he had the puck tonight he turned it over. I think a lot has to do with the fact that he was partnered with a player that could make a rubber chicken look like the best hockey player ever.

At least Brenden was 3rd star of the game. Though it’s not a huge plus after the month so far.


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5 Responses to “Where art thou Maytag repair man?”

  1. StarsFan Says:

    wow, that was supremely disappointing… our 3rd straight loss and we only have 7 games left

    did you notice all the bullshit going on that didnt get called? and then the freakin 5 minute unsportmanslike conduct on Morrow… WTF?!

  2. Myra Says:

    Ok, in Niskanen’s defense–how would you feel if you went from being paired with Zubov to being paired with Norstrom?…..anyone feeling a little queasy at the thought of it? Can you pick two more polar opposites than those two? That on top of an injury plus being a rookie under a lot more scrutiny than the other two, it has to be hard. That said, he does need to get his act together but so do a lot of other players on the team, unfortunately. (And yes, I think he is totally adorkable and if my daughter were 8 or 9 years older I would so be sending him pot roasts with notes saying “Please date my daughter.”)

    The officiating was totally wacko last night. We had a couple sitting next to us who knew very little about hockey so were asking us a lot of questions. Try explaining that game to them?!?

    Call me a Pollyanna, but take away the nasty Power Plays and crazy officiating and the Stars did resemble their old selves. Way better than Saturday’s was.

  3. Adam Says:

    I have to agree with Myra’s thoughts on the way that Our Dallas Stars played .
    As far as Niskanen goes , I have come to realize that he is a mirror of the player he is paired with . If you watch him , it makes sense . When he was paired with Russian , he played exactly like him . Now that he is paired with Norstrom , he sucks , just like Norstrom .
    The officiating (if that is what you call that atrocity) was exceptionally poor . Morrow did absolutely nothing for the last penalty that resulted in the game winning goal . I am still seething about it . Morrow said in his interview on am1310 today that he was less than pleased about it as well .

  4. Jen Says:

    I really like Nisky, I do. But I think another year in Iowa would’ve done him some good. Because you’re totally right, he mirrors who he is playing with. And I think another year in Iowa would’ve helped him to find the player HE is instead of emulating who he’s playing with.

  5. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Some of the stuff those Ducks do that doesn’t get called is just GALLING. Every single hit along the boards by those guys ends with a little shot to the head.

    That one penalty for diving to Morrow was so wrong. He was lunging for the puck. I heard him on the radio, too, Adam, and he was REALLY pissed about that one. He doesn’t want that on his permanent record, so to speak.

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