The day in which I plea

I am begging you Stars.  Absolutely begging.  Please do not lose tonight.  Today, of all days, I need a win.

In other news, Mike Modano updated his blog.  Come on Mo, I want some drama.  (team team team team team)

BTW,  it’s TOTALLY possible to catch San Jose and win the division.  The only catch?  Stars have to win the next 6, and both Anaheim and San Jose have to lose all their games.  Well, Anaheim are allowed to win 2.



3 Responses to “The day in which I plea”

  1. Caitlin Says:


    A win for my birthday would be nice, STARS.

  2. Jen Says:

    Ya, benching Mittens on your birthday is no bueno.

  3. StarsFan Says:

    I will light candles. I will pray to the Gods of victory. I will do whatever, just please oh please oh please let the Stars win tonight!!!!!

    I am actually considering not watching the game b/c I have watched the last few and it has been abismal. Maybe if I dont watch, they will win??

    *wringing hands* Oh God, PLEASE let the Stars win!!! I will be a good girl, I swear. :)

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