That a boys..

I love that I wait until an hour before our next game to post a recap from the game yesterday. Of course, my yesterday was extremely full because I spent all of yesterday morning at the car dealership purchasing my new vehicle. (Which is totally awesome btw)

So anyway, the start of my day went well; it was up to the Stars to make it finish as it started. Thank goodness, they did not disappoint! Their last win was March 9th, and 20 days later they got their second win of the month. And it was a well deserved win. They played hard and it showed.

Not only did we win, but we won by 5 points with the final score being 7-2. Goals were by Stéphane Robidas, Brenden Morrow, Stu Barnes, Niklas Hagman, Jere Lehtinen and Loui Eriksson got 2 goals. Robi also got 2 assists, Norstrom got 2 assists, Mike Ribeiro had 3 assists and Brad Richards had 2. Mike Modano, Trevor Daley and Jere Lehtinen also got an assist in the game.

It was definitely a team effort and it paid off. Good job guys! Now let’s keep it going tonight against the Ducks.

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