2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs

So, with all regular seasons games officially over. Here are the match ups for this seasons playoffs.

Western Conference
Detroit Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators
Red Wings lead the season series 5-3

San Jose Sharks vs. Calgary Flames
Flames lead the season series 3-1

Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado Avalanche
Wild lead the season series 5-2-1

Anaheim Ducks vs. Dallas Stars
Stars lead the season series 5-2-1

Montréal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins
Canadiens lead the season series 8-0

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Ottawa Senators
Senators lead the season series 3-0-1

Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Series tied 2-2

New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers
Rangers lead the season series 7-0-1


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5 Responses to “2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs”

  1. CapsChick Says:

    Eep! Not to be all nitpicky but it’s the Caps-Flyers, Pens-Sens in the first round…thank you Pittsburgh for tanking in the last game and making my boys play the goon squad ;)

  2. Jen Says:

    be as nitpicky as you like! Thanks for pointing that out to me! I seriously appreciate it. Fixing now :D

  3. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Once again you’ve outdone yourself on the banner, Jen! It looks great!

    The playoffs always make me tense. I don’t think I’m ready. I think we need five more regular-season games. :P

  4. Jen Says:

    I’m definitely not ready. Sigh.

    And thanks about the banner Patty heh I made it a few weeks ago and have been waiting to put it up

  5. Kirsten Says:

    MONTREAL! I’m so excited that they are playing the Bruins, and that the Wild get to play the Avs instead of the Flames. We were absolutely horrid against them for most of the season, but we kicked some Avalanche ass…mostly cause of Sakic out, though.

    You guys had better be Duck hunting, I don’t want to play those assholes again.

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