Liveblog: Final game of the season: Stars vs. Sharks


I figured with it being the last game of the season, one last regular season liveblog will be good. Okay, but why is Razor holding his mic like that? Wtf? I love them talking about the young guys, Fishsticks is so awesome. Yes oh yes he is. And what do you mean “if they get IN the series?” FISHSTICKS BETTER BE IN THE PLAYOFF SERIES RAZOR!

1st period

20:00: Of course, Marty is the getting the start. Come on Marty, let’s kick their ass.

19:32: Eriksson got a nice shot on Nabokov, which he stopped. Boo.

18:18: Winchester and Barch are playing on the same line. Lundqvist was on the starting line up, so I assume Richards and Ribeiro are both still out.

17:27: Otter is back after leaving the game Friday barfing. Ew.

16:05: Brenden, I love you. But let’s not turn the puck over to the Sharks.

15:47: Holy shit, good job Turco. He stopped 2 quick shots in a row.

15:30: Lehtinen is apparently out. But Mittens is back with Morrow, Ribeiro is still out. Modano is playing center on that line again. Jere has the Flu.

14:15: WINCHESTERRRR, awesome hit on Ozolinsh.

14:00: Someone is taking a penalty, and Barch starts talking with McLaren and Winchester comes over and he and Shelley get into it. McLaren apparently loves Barchie, seeing as he’s trying to undress him. San Jose taking a penalty! WOOT!!

13:13: That’s right it’s tough to find fault in Brenden Morrow’s game play. I heart you Razor.


11:37: Oh Nabokov. You such a baby stopping playing when the puck barely hits you.

11:22: Wtf Thornton? YOU SRSLY WANT TO FIGHT WITH OTTER? HE WILL KILL YOU. Man there is just a huge white and black blob behind the San Jose net of players. Even little Robi got into it. Goodness, this game already has a lot of penalties. Mittens does not approve. The captains are getting a stern talking to by the refs. Morrow looks like he’s being scolded by a teacher. Otter is chirping from the Dallas box to the the players in the Sharks box. Joe Thornton has left, I’m assuming he is taking a 10 minutes game misconduct along with a penalty.

Apparently Stars playoffs start officially on April 10th, that’s what the telecast is telling me.

10:59: And here is another fight after game stoppage. OMG MITTENS!!! MITTENS YOU NO CONDONE VIOLENCE! And now Semenov is leaving the game. Another 10 minute game misconduct. OMG MITTENS YOUR FACE. HAAAA THE SHARKS BOX IS SO FULL. I LOVE IT.

9:40: Turco gets the puck in a faceoff circle, and I hear Razor scream SHOOT IT! He is so taking a page out of my book. I scream that everytime Turco gets the puck.

8:58: And Stars 5-on-3 is the over. Sad.

7:30: Holy shit, my heart just stopped. Turco tried to clear a puck, only to have the puck go under his stick. Sharks tried to capitalize but Grossman, thank GOODNESS, got it away from the net. I HEART YOU GIANT GROSSMAN!

7:20: And another fight, this time BJ Crombeen with Michalek.

6:03: Turco stops play. Boucher and Pavelski talk a bit, but no fists are swung. Thank goodness. We just got Booboo back.

5:50: Poor Lehtinen isn’t even playing and they talk about how he isn’t great at face-offs.

5:13: DAMN ROBI THAT IS ONE KICK ASS HIT! And another huge blog of black and white. Even Turco is coming over. Oh goodness, Murray you are brave to want to fight with Hagman. He will murder you. WTF SHELLY YOU LEAVE HAGMAN ALONE. DID YOU NOT HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID? This game is insane. You’d think this was a game to decide who gets top spot in the Pacific.

What I do love about this? is the Sharks have twice as many penalties as the Stars do. Heh.

And the Captains are being scolded again. The ref said something that made Morrow laugh though. So I’m happy.


4:58: WTF DALEY GETS ONE TOO? Oh goodness, this might be worse in penalty minutes than the Vancouver game in 2006.

3:10: God this Sharks power play is killing me. It too long.

2:42: And Stu takes a hi-sticking penalty. 4 MINUTES? Why you have to bleed Clowe? :(

2:27: And the Sharks score. Boo. I hate you Marleau.

1:53: Hee, I love Turco hop.

32: Turco is making some amazing stops. Good boy Turco. And we’re just a few seconds from getting Barnes back.

14: Oh goodness, Winchester was serving Robi’s penalty? That’s odd. Usually it’s Mittens.

00: And Rissmiller attempts to get at Winchester. Srsly? Haven’t you taken enough penalties?

Penalty minutes in the first period: San Jose 57; Stars 48

1st intermission

Yay Hagman interview. I love listening to Finns talk. I also love watching the Chili’s blimp coming down behind Razor. It makes me laugh everytime. He still in hardcore game playing mode.

Yay, they talking about Brenden! And are showing the house video. But that okay. I like looking at him.

2nd period

19:35: And another penalty. Charging on Lundy. Sigh. Sharks have pulled Nabokov and put in Boucher.

17:35: And Penalty is over. Thank goodness.

15:25: And Stars taking another penalty. STOP IT GUYSSS. Peterson for tripping.

14:40: Hee, they can’t figure out when to let Jumbo out of the box. This amuses me. Just leave him in there.

14:14: And Cheechoo easily gets the puck past Norstrom and scores. 2-0 Sharks.

Well, Stars are almost caught up in number of penalties.

12:45: So far, the second period looks incredibly tame after the first. Which I don’t mind, I think I’m getting carpal tunnel from having to type so much.

11:09: And Sharks are taking a penalty.

11:02: And play stops finally, and another blob of white and black. Good lord. And Crombeen is in it with Murray. Otter goes to the bench chirping. And Ralph and Razor get a laugh at Otter poking Michalek in the face with his stick while no one is looking.

All season has gone by, and I was not a power play contestant. What is wrong with this picture? A lot I think. I also won nothing at fan appreciation night Friday lol

9:00: Penalty over. Stars had a hard time getting into the zone.

8:25: MITTENS!!!! MITTENS GETS ONE PAST BOUCHER 2-1!!! Good boy Mittens. Caitlin proud. And yes Razor, Brenden Morrow is who makes it happen. But Mittens is also awesome, just as awesome.

5:47: Mitchell hits Winchester badly into the boards, so Winchester goes after him a bit. Another blob. No mess with Winchester.

Razor thinks the point of this game is to find out who the Alpha Male is. I’m calling Otter.

4:40: Oh, and Stars have 54 seconds left on the power play.


3:40: There’s the Stu-ing.

3:13: And play is stopped, guess why? Shelley going after Otter. Shelley gets 7 minutes. Heheheheh. So Stars get a 7 minute power play. As well as a 10 minute misconduct and 10 minute game misconduct.

2:11: And Stars take a penalty. Mittens what you do! Tripping! MITTENS THAT NOT LIKE YOU.

24: Man, Thornton is a terror, he gave Nisky an awful hit. And with the extra attacker, Norstrom (of all people) makes it 3-2 Stars.

00: Good Lord.

Penalty minute tracking:
2nd period: Sharks 36; Stars 11
Overall: Sharks 93; Stars 59

2nd intermission

Razor vs. Heika. This will be interesting. Heika is trying to promote his dallas news blog. Okay sweatervest (thanks Caitlin). Razor wins, duh. What is he now, 81-0-1? Good boy Razor.

3rd period

20:00: Stars still have over 3 minutes left from the 7 minutes worth of power play time from Shelley.

18:09: Play is stopped because Rissmiller drops on the puck and refuses to let it go from his glove.

They are reviewing one of Modano’s shots because it went off the crossbar, but are checking just to make sure it didn’t go in. It didn’t, but they seem to like reviewing goals in the AAC.

17:34: I need a nap. Mittens is taking a hi-stick penalty. He no mean it.

14:50: Stars killed the penalty, though the Sharks power play didn’t last long due to the fact that we had just under 2 minutes left from our 7 minute power play.

After TV break they are showing the 7 people who have had career years; these include Ribbons, Mittens, Hagman, Daley, Otter and Robi.

11:05: Just a side note, Colorado just got to overtime with Minnesota. With that 1 point, Colorado takes over the 6th seed in the West. So Calgary will be playing San Jose in the first round of the playoffs. Expect a playoff post tonight. Might take a bit while I crunch number, but whatevs.

9:35: Ralphie, no need to remind me that the Stars had an awful March. I remember very well.

8:00: We’ve made it 12 minutes into the 3rd with only 1 penalty. Holy cow.

6:22: I spoketh too soon. Eriksson takes a slashing penalty. Bad Swedish Fish. Razor makes a joke that they are just making sure their whistles are still working in fear they wore them out in the first 2 periods.

5:09: And Marleau takes holding the stick penalty. Yes, the whistles work.

2:00: Razor mentions the West playoff standings, and some thing the Sharks Flames matchup is a bad one for the Sharks for round 1. I hope it is. Heheheh

1:22: And Otter gets a 2 on 1 with Barnes and gets it past Boucher. This one is over folks. 4-2 Stars. And Yes Ralphie, I called Otter as Alpha 1 male. I win.

Razor. I do not want mentions of Otter dropping his pants and spanking.

50: And Norstrom is taking a hooking penalty. That okay guys, you can kill it.

00: And Stars will head into the playoffs with a gritty win over the Sharks.

Penalty totals:
3rd period: Sharks 0; Stars 6
Final totals: Sharks 93; Stars 65


The last games of the season always make me a bit teary eyed, when they raise their sticks to the fans in the middle of the ice.  The final game is always fun to attend.  But it’s not fan appreciation day Ralphie, that was Friday.  The three Stars tonight are

  1. Stu Barnes
  2. Patrick Marleau
  3. Toby Petersen

Stars take on the Ducks for round 1 Thursday.  Phew.  My stress level just went up 100 points.

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9 Responses to “Liveblog: Final game of the season: Stars vs. Sharks”

  1. Myra Says:

    Hey Jen, great game diary! I can understand why you were getting carpal tunnel. We just got back from the game and are exhausted and have very little voice left! It was a very stressful 1st period! I couldn’t believe they went after Mittens and Hagman or that Daley got lengthy penalty for defending Hagman. I don’t think I have ever seen Robi so mad either. (Can’t blame him, of course!) Toby Peterson played a great game, really hustled every time he was out there.

    But the best part was my petulant little ice troll, Otter!!!!! Definitely ALPHA MALE NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! OTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Side note: so glad I got to meet you and Caitlin, ya’ll remind me so much of my best friend from college and me when we were ya’lls age! Her name is Jenny, oddly enough, and she majored in Russian (taught Russian @ Plano Highs for several years). She has a love of all things Russian and has been there several times. Thanks for bringing back some happy memories! Hee!)

  2. Jen Says:

    I hope you had a blast at the game! What a GREAT game to be at! IT was insane.

    It was totally awesome to get to meet you and your family!

  3. jenn Says:

    i was at the game too and my throat hurts SO bad from all the screaming!! i couldnt BELIEVE anyone would try to fight with little mittens – he’s so adorable.

  4. Caitlin Says:

    Myra, it was so good to meet you and your family! They are absolutely wonderful people, as are you — and I’m so glad you got to go to the game and have a good time! Woo!

  5. Patty (in Dallas) Says:


    I thought that was hilarious, too. Razor said that it looked like they were taking a team picture in there.

    Great game diary, as usual, Jen!

  6. Jen Says:

    Thanks Patty!

  7. Myra Says:


    Hee! So many naughty boys in the naughty box! At this point, we began discussing what do they do if the box does get too full? Has anyone ever see that?

    I watched the Stars highlights video and Razor said something about Otter providing so much “irritanment” tonight. I love Razor’s made up words!

  8. StarsFan Says:

    GREAT post!!

    What a great game to end the regular season… there for a minute I thought we were gonna have to call up from Iowa to finish the game ;-)

    I believe there was a total of 97 penalty mins in the FIRST if I remember correctly?? That was just a GREAT GREAT game!!! Wish I would have been there to see it in person :)

    I actually stood and clapped at home when a few Sharks were “sent to think about what they did” LOL

    Golly I love Razor too!


  9. Jen Says:

    Hee! So many naughty boys in the naughty box! At this point, we began discussing what do they do if the box does get too full? Has anyone ever see that?

    I think they start making them sit on the bench and trust the coaches not to let them off until it’s time. But I really have no idea. I say just make them sit on each other.

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