Games played tonight..

  • Montréal Canadiens (1) vs. Boston Bruins (8) – 6pm ET – CBC, RDS
  • Detroit Red Wings (1) vs. Nashville Predators (8) – 6pm ET – VERSUS, TSN
  • San Jose Sharks (2) vs. Calgary Flames (7) – 10pm ET – CBC, RIS (calgary leads the series 1-0)
  • Anahiem Ducks (4) vs. Dallas Stars (5) – 10pm ET – RDS, VERSUS, TSN (FSNSW locally)

And for Dallas Stars fans, here is a quote from Marty Turco when asked if he has a message for the fans for games 3 and 4 via the Official Dallas Stars Podcast:

I’m not one to tell people what to do, my wife might argue with me.  But, you know, we need our fans.  We always have.  The term ‘home ice advantage’ comes only because of fans and so you know we’ve been fortunate over the years to have great fans and great support.  And this community, they know what it’s like to go through..a lot of them know what it’s like to go through a couple runs in 99 and 2000.  They’re as hungry as we are.  And there’s fans that don’t recall it, or weren’t here and are looking forward to it.  We’re in this together, we’re in it as a team together win or lose over the years.  And we hope the fans feel like that too, we want them a part of it as much as they want to be a part of it.  And that’s something that we could do together.  We just hope that they’re there with their hearts on their sleeves and as passionate as we are to win.

I believe.



One Response to “Games played tonight..”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Go Flames, Habs & Preds, whee!

    I’m excited for tonight.

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