Quack Quack Quack

I don’t think you could’ve asked for a better start to this series if you’re a Stars fan. Okay, so some even strength scoring would’ve been nice, but everyone figured this would be a battle of special teams. And boy was it, with all 4 Stars goals coming on the power play. Yes, the February Stars are back, it seems. And what a perfect time to return.

Stars posted 2 goals in the first period: the first a deflection from Steve Ott assisted by Stéphane Robidas and Brenden Morrow and the second a goal from Loui Eriksson assisted by Brad Richards and Stéphane Robidas. Stars capitalized on the power play in the 2nd 2 more times, with goals from Jere Lehtinen (assists by Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow) and Brenden Morrow (assisted by Mike Ribeiro and Jere Lehtinen).

Turco posted his 4th career playoff shutout. Where are all of you Turco haters now?! EH?! He was amazing tonight. Absolutely amazing. The entire team was amazing. In the 3rd period, the Ducks kept having to back into their OWN zone because of how strong every member was on the blue line. Amazing, just amazing.

The Ducks spent most of the 3rd period just trying to hit our guys hard. Saturday will definitely be interesting, those Ducks aren’t happy. We’ll see how that one pans out.

The Stars broke out black T-shirts that said “Lock it Down” on the front and “Think Pack,” on the back. Modano explained that the theory is that one hyaena couldn’t take down an elephant, but that a pack of hyaenas could.

“So we’re like Timon and Pumba…Hakuna Mattatta,” he joked. An excellent reference for Disneyland

That lovely quote courtesy of the Dallas Morning News blog

The three stars of the night were

  1. Mike Ribeiro
  2. Brad May (WTF?)
  3. Marty Turco

No, just no. I Think Razor is right.

I believe the Ducks manipulate the 3 Star selections at home games to put their players in a better light.

Because seriously? No. Just no. This is how the 3 stars should’ve been

  1. Marty Turco
  2. Brenden Morrow
  3. Mike Ribeiro

The end.


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9 Responses to “Quack Quack Quack”

  1. Patty (in Dallas) Says:

    Great picture! I chuckled when I read that, too!

    What a great game. That 3 Stars thing is just blatant!

  2. Jen Says:

    As soon as I read that quote I was like “oh god, fantastic photoshop opportunity”

  3. Cat Says:


  4. kms2 Says:

    Your Stars made my day! They just need to keep up the excellent work and make Anaheim pay for taking so many penalties. Maybe Brad May got the second star because he got the least amount of ice time (7:35) for the Ducks and, therefore, didn’t have enough opportunities to screw up. Or maybe it’s because the people in Anaheim are retarded.

  5. Dijea Says:

    My husband and I couldn’t understand why 3 hits on the losing team got you second star. WTF is right. Love that Turco got a shut out.

  6. StarsFan Says:

    EXCELLENT pic!! kudos.

    Razor 4 Prez.

    I am way superstitious in the post-season so I dont want to jinx anything so I dont want to say too much. :) (crazy ppl are like that lol)

    GO STARS!!!

  7. Dijea Says:

    FYI – not a Turco hater. My cat is named Turco. the one before that was Hitchcock. He disappeared shortly after Hitch went up north. Go Figure.

  8. Myra Says:

    “Yes, the February Stars are back, it seems. And what a perfect time to return.”

    Thank God! We missed you FebStars, so glad to see you back!

    My response to Brad May getting the #2 star was, “Brad May played?” The Hubbie’s response was, “Maybe he didn’t. Maybe that’s why he got the star.”

  9. Liveblog: Stars vs. Sharks 02/23/09 « The Shootout Says:

    […] No Brad May?  Getting the only goal shouldn’t classify you as a star of the game. Possibly related […]

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