Possible Match-Ups for Round 2

So while a tad bored, I decided to look up our records against our two possible foe’s for round 2 to decide who I’d rather play more.  Granted, we played one team twice as much as the other, but still.  We can get an idea as to who we played better against in the regular season.  I know, I know, postseason changes everything, but it’s still a nice baseline.

First up: San Jose Sharks
I’m sure we will never forget that last game of the year, which the Stars managed to win.  That game alone shows me we could take on the Sharks.  But what about how we did during the season?  We managed to come out even going 4-2-2.  We did, however, manage to out score them 24-21 even with the oh so great Nabokov in net. 

The other possibility is the Colorado Avalanche
I hate this team, I don’t hide this.  And yes, it’s because I’m bitter about some previous playoff series where we were knocked out.  This season, though, the Stars weren’t too bad against them, it was even at 2-2 with the Stars outscoring 13-8.  I think it’s time for payback, so I think our chances against this team as good as well.

I really got nothing done as far as this goes, because I think we could face either team and come out on top.  They’re pretty much even with the way our club played them this season.

So we go to the back up plan: who would I rather have the blasted Detroit Red Wings play?  Their possible opponents being the Colorado Avalanche or the Calgary Flames.  Judging by their play against these two teams in the regular season, I’m rooting for the Flames here.  Colorado were shut out 3 times by the Wings and were outscored 11-2. Ouch.  The Flames, on the other hand, were able to hand the Red Wings a shutout of their own!  And the scoring wasn’t so uneven, being 13-7 in the Wings favor.  So..with all that being said; Go Flames!



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