You know what is great about playoffs?

Is the fact that hockey is on almost all the time (with tonight being one of those rare nights with none). Every night, since April 9th, you can tune into Versus to see some game going on. And what is even better? Is the players they bring in to do some breaking down of the series they’re showing. Like one week it was Manny Legace then the next Rick DiPietro. You put Manny and Rick on TV and I will watch, they are both so awesome. Then of course the weekend comes, and there is the game on NBC then one on Versus that night.

And honestly? Their promos for the Playoffs on VS. aren’t too bad either. I especially like this one:

and this one

Very clever……

Speaking of Versus, the schedule for the Sharks-Stars has been released. (Ya, love how I tie that all in there?)  This is for local Dallas people.

Friday, April 25 – San Jose vs. Dallas – 9pm – VERSUS
Sunday, April 27 – San Jose vs. Dallas – 8pm – My 27
Tuesday, April 29 – San Jose @ Dallas – 6:30pm – My 27
Wednesday, April 30 – San Jose @ Dallas – 8pm – FSN
Friday, May 2 – San Jose vs. Dallas – 9pm  VERSUS (if necessary)
Sunday, May 4 – San Jose @ Dallas – 8pm – FSN (if necessary)
Tuesday, May 6 – San Jose vs. Dallas – 9pmTBD (if necessary)


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One Response to “You know what is great about playoffs?”

  1. StarsFan Says:

    Ummm yeah, I will watch Rick DiPietro too. :D


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