*insert funny shark noise here*

What sound do sharks make exactly? Either way, this picture says it all

Stars had their first overtime game of this years playoffs, and it came out in their favor. Brenden Morrow got his 2nd goal of the night to give the Stars a 1-0 lead. Hells ya. I’ll write a real review tomorrow when I’m not exhausted, BUT GO STARS!

Oh, and Brenden Morrow was the number 1 star of the night! THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT NHL.


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3 Responses to “*insert funny shark noise here*”

  1. Cat Says:

    So I Googled “shark noise”, because I got curious as to what sound a shark makes (as much as I watch Shark Week specials, I don’t even know), and this page was the first to come up. I think that’s rad.

  2. kms2 Says:

    I’ve been very impressed with Morrow and Ribeiro. When I was watching the All-Star game this year I remember thinking “why is Ribeiro on the All-Star team?” Hmmm….well, he’s definitely proved his worth.

  3. Seppi Says:

    You do not answer the question of what noise a shark makes.

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