This seems oddly familiar…

Coming home with a 2-0 lead in the series.  I haven’t seen the Stars play this well in the playoffs since…I couldn’t tell you when because it’s been that long.  What is awesome is this time around, our best players have been our best players, and everyone else has contributed.  They are playing as a full team, and boy does it feel great. 

Stars allowed a goal 10 minutes into the first (stupid Pavelski) and Ribeiro countered 5 minutes later.  The Stars got into penalty trouble, taking 4 in the first period alone, with the Sharks only taking 1.   Luckily, the one Stars goal was the only one allowed through all the penalties.

San Jose took their second lead of the game in the second period and claimed the only goal to be scored that period.  Stupid Michalek.  AND STUPID CRAIG RIVET.  (I still hate you.)

But then the third period came, and the Stars dominated.  AFter a bad call on Modano, the refs decided to even it up by making a bad call on the Sharks.  Don’t you love our officiating?  Before the penalties, however, leave it to Brad Richards to get an unassisted goal to tie the game up.  Good boy Sparky, good boy.  And that ‘make it even’ penalty the Sharks took?  Mike Modano cashed in giving the Stars a 3-2 lead.  Zubov assisted on the goal, it’s good to see that crazy Russian back.  Then finally, FINALLY, Hagman got his goal.  That poor Finn has been playing like a damn psycho and it’s finally paid off.  HE also netted an empty-netter with 1:15 left to play.  Nice way to finish it off I’d say…

And the three Stars were:

  1. Niklas Hagman
  2. Brenden Morrow
  3. Marty Turco

It’s good to see the star pickers in San Jose aren’t as biased as the ones in Anaheim. *coughBradMaycough*.  Though I’m surprised Brad Richards didn’t show up in there, having 1 goal and 3 assists.


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2 Responses to “This seems oddly familiar…”

  1. jenn Says:

    yes, but Brad Richards did get the NHL’s #1 star of the night!! (hagman = #3 star)!!

  2. thesigngirls Says:

    It is nice that the press is sort of taking notice of the Stars winning instead of the Sharks/Ducks losing.


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