Want the Nisky-mobile?

Yes, that’s right.  That lovely car that Marty Turco and the Stars team ‘stole’ and pimped is officially up for auction.


You can bid on the vehicle here.

All the proceeds from this auction go to the Matt McKee family trust.

Some other things included in the auction include

  • Matt Niskanen will present the car to the winner.
  • The winner will also recieve an autographed Niskanen jersey.
  • The winner will also attend an 08-09 Stars game; including platinum parking, dinner at the Platinum Club and recognition for being the winning bidder.

All I ask, dear people, is that if a reader wins.  I get a ride in the vehicle ;)


One Response to “Want the Nisky-mobile?”

  1. Cat Says:

    I want it. I need to win the lottery.

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