You gotta have Hart

Hee, that phrase will always make me laugh. Thanks No Lip Tipp. Anyway, the Hart trophy nominees were announced.

  • Jarome Iginla (Calgary Flames)
  • Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals)

Surprise, surprise surprise.

In other news, former Star and one of my favorites, Jeff Halpern, has been named CAPTAIN of the Men’s National Team. Good boy Halpie!!!!!!! I might watch this year, afterall. Of course he is no captain rookie, having worn the C while on the Washington Capitals.

Also, I am quite proud of Mr Matty Norstrom. Not only did he get the game winning goal in overtime..

He was also named as the 3rd star of the night! WOOHOO. I will have my game recap up tomorrow!

Also, I finally updated the Playoff Stats, go me.

And while I support all teams in Dallas (even those that blow), I must say I am a bit happy the Mavs are out of the playoffs. The reason is purely selfish: The Mavs banners will now be taken off the AAC and replaced with the original Stars banners. Brenden Morrow will flap in the breeze again!

Oh, and they’ve also locked Otter in for 2 more years. I’m sure all of the Pacific division is throwing parties :D


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4 Responses to “You gotta have Hart”

  1. Cat Says:

    Dude, I thought the same thing when the Mavs got knocked out. I was like “Aww, poor Mavs…BUT THAT MEANS STARS GET FULL ATTENTION NOW, HAHA”

  2. kms2 Says:

    I LOVE Matty Norstrom! It’s good to see him doing well for the Stars. Isn’t this his 2nd goal of the playoffs? Incredible!

  3. Myra Says:

    I’m so happy for Halpie. Of course he is just about the member of the team that is over 12!:P

    I still can’t get over Norstrom, he really has turned into our Swedish Godfather of our little Swedish Mafia here in the playoffs. I’m so glad because he always seemed so nice, I always felt guilty for hating his play. Plus he has a really great neck. (Since he is older I feel like I can say that without feeling too much like a cougar!) ;)

    As we were leaving the AAC we were remarking how excited we were that they would be replacing the Mavs flyers with the Stars banners again! WOOO! Go Stars!

  4. Jen Says:

    It’ll be so nice, after having to watch them take the Stars banners down early every year :( FINALLY IT’S ON OUR ENDDD.

    and I know, Norstrom has played so wellllllll. I always felt guilty not liking him during the regular season because when you meet him he is the nicest man evar.

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