Liveblog: Stars vs. Sharks – Game 4

It’s been a while since I’ve liveblogged, figured this would be a good game to do it. I actually got home just in time, so let’s get this started shall we?

18:44: Sharks get a good little scramble in front of the net, but Turco being his awesome self sweeps it aside.

17:52: Fishsticks got a nice shot on goal, but it went just a little wide.

16:11: Michalek gets a hard shot, but Turco is awesome and stops that too. Good boy Turks. They are going on about his awesome save percentage in the playoffs.

15:55: Some NICE passing gets Lehtinen right on net, but Nabokov stops it. Fake russian has been pretty good!

15:40: HEEEE Josie Grossie got a NICE hit on Jumbo.

14:52: Hey it’s Toby! With Stu being out from that hit yesterday, Petersen was put in. He’s been out since Zubov has returned so they can dress 7 defensemen.


14:11: Are you serious? One little push and Setoguchi and he goes flailing on the ice. Okay, so it wasn’t one little push. But Modano is taking a penalty.

13:17: Good job linesman! Offsides, take that!

12:00: Power play is over but the Sharks seem to be a little hesitant about passing the puck.

11:51: Are you serious? ANOTHER penalty? It’s been like this every friggin game! Seriously Stars, whatever you did to the officials please mend it. And stop taking penalties.

11:27: Morrownator did total Morrownation, got a shot on Nabokov, then managed to keep it in the Sharks zone when they tried to attack. HEE

10:54: And Modano gets into the zone, manages to get the puck and goes straight to Nabokov but is knocked over and Nabokov makes the save.

9:36: OOOH Morrow got it to Hagman RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE NET. Stupid Fake Russian, you let Hagman score.

And Hagman has his air on the bench. That man and his air and crazy eyes. He is going to murder someone this year, I swears it.

7:51: Haha Roenacker. Go sit in the box you baby. Someone will bring your bottle soon.

6:55: Mr Rivet, I’m getting really tired of you always in Morrownators face.

6:07: Morrownator gets the puck right in front of Nabokov, after waving his baton stick to orchestrate the play. So awesome.

Two great Americans? Do not mention Modnao and Roenacker’s name in the same sentence. I am not proud Roenacker is an American like I am Modano.

4:40: Sharks can’t get out of their own zone to save their life, anytime they get to their blueline the Stars push em back. Like 5 times in a row.

3:40: Niskanen turned a puck over right in front of Turco,that’s not cool Nisky.


3:21: But then Nisky takes a penalty for slashing.

And Tippet is livid.

1:34: A clearing attempt from Fishsticks goes past Rivet (heh heh hehe) and Lehtinen goes straight for the net. Nabokov looks a little flustered and comes out to stop it ASAP.

1:20: PK is over and they start off the 5-on-5 by Hagman heading straight for the net.

00: And 1st is over with no score. GOOD JOB BOYS!

1st intermission

Aw, Ribbons interview! Ribbons is so pimp walking back to the locker room I can’t even stand it.

Awww, during the game break they have Beeky on!!! WTF BEEKY YOU HAVE SOLD YOUR SOUL!

HAGMAN COMMERCIAL!@#$ He so crazy.

2nd period

16:40: Marty just made an amazing save on the Sharks. He really is having a great playoff run. Take that Turco haters. He is spitting in your face from that goal.

15:14: Boo offsides! That make me not happy, bad Swedish Fish. I eat you. Erm, I make you become cannibal and eat some swedish fish, you needs it.

14:57: Turco has like..X-Ray vision seeing everything through players.

14:35: TURNOVER BY THE SHARKS AND STARS ARE UP 1-0!!! I think this is the first time we’ve gotten the first goal!

Ron Wilson looks absolutely stoic. He has no emotion on his face whatsoever. Kinda like “okay..whatever”

13:19: Ralphie really loves the term swashbuckle. He was a pirate for Halloween, I know it.

12:19: Nabokov got tired of the Stars hovering around the net, so he stops play. Big baby.

12:06: Petersen gets a NICE shot on Nabokov.


11:28: Sharks finally get the whistle. RYAN CLOWE YOU EVIL MAN FOR TOUCHING MITTENS

10:48: Oh noes, not again. Zubov gets an uncharacteristic turnover and Marleau gets a short handed goal. Sigh. It okay Russian. Go look hot on bench for Caitlin.

9:40: Apparently some veterens have Peter Panic in their game, they better watch out. I hear that stuff can kill you.

9:10: The Sharks (esp Marleau) need to watch out, because now Hagman has a killing parter in Mr Zubov.

7:38: And another repeat of last night almost occured: Richards got a turnover and shot it on net. This time Nabokov did it.

Razor points out that no team since the 40’s has rallied back to win a series after going down 3-0. HA.

6:40: I do hope this penalty is on the sharks for them sandwiching Brenden, I do not approve. Get in the box Clowe. I hate you. But it’s for elbowing, not sandwiching. Mmm sandwich.

4:43: Nabokov makes a save on a shot from Russian and Razor lets out a disturbing giggle.

3:53: Goodness, that was some attack! Almost like they were on a power play, Ribeiro passes it behind to Morrow, who is on the net but the puck is..SOMEWHERE. I don’t know WHO stopped that one!

3:45: Replay shows that Campbell froze the puck, which when in the crease, Razor informs me, should result in a penalty shot. Not cool.

2:28: And Lundy is taking a penalty for tripping. Sigh.

1:26: Sharks are actually getting decent chances on this power play, but Turco and the other Stars on the PK have had an answer for them.

00: Stars got some nice chances near the end of the period, but go to room tied at 1.

2nd intermission

A lot of it is spent talking about how awesome Morrownator is. I approve and agree.

HEY IT’S RICHARDS! I saw you laughing on the new earlier Brad, show your personality in the interview please! He totally basically told the interviewer to shut up though, when she mentioned wrapping up the series tonight.

I love the commercial with them beating the Ducks in round 1. Daley cracks me up.

3rd period

19:10: Sharks are finally looking like a team who are on the brink of elimination. Let’s hope they go back to the way they started the game.

17:10: Modano takes a delay of game penalty :( Sad.

16:34: And San Jose are up 2-1. Whatevs

16:15: And Hagman on ice, watch out Sharks. Hagman livid.

14:40: Luckily it looks like the Stars aren’t in a panic like I thought they would be. They spend the next few minutes just attacking the Sharks in their zone to get the goal back.

12:02: They show Russian before the face off, I never noticed what nice eyebrows he has.

11:25: Turco makes one of his sweet passes to Ribeiro at the Shark line.

8:08: PBC line is on and they are getting some great chances. But they look exhausted now.

7:26: Daley gets a shot at Nabokov, it bounces off and Nabokov pounces on it like a fat kid claiming the last cookie in the universe.

6:59: And the Stars are taking another penalty. How do you expect to win if you keep taking penalties?

5:52: HEART. STOPPAGE. Puck was AN INCH from floating into the net, thank God it went wide.

3:17: Razor tells me Morrow has played over 23 minutes. You so awesome Morrownator. I have a feeling he’ll be back on the ice soon.

2:25: Yes Razor, Robi is something else. He is the bestest person ever.

1:20: and Turco will start going to the bench soon and that makes me nervous.

1:00: Modano takes the puck into the zone, and Turco goes to the bench. Hagman had an open net but wasn’t able to raise the puck to get in it.

When the game is close like this, I always think back to last season when I was a Havoc. We were playing the Ducks, and the Stars needed a goal. Marty was pulled, half the arena had left, and with 6 seconds left we got the tying goal to send it to overtime. That memory will always stay in my memory. I was in the last row below a hanging and jumped up when we scored and injured my hand on the ceiling of the AAC. Ya, that hurt like a bitch.

00: Back to California we go. I guess you can’t win them all. At least we’re still up 3-1! That okay though, the Stars love playing in San Jose, so you can just lose in front of your home crowd.


I really have no interest in this since we lost, to be honest.  I am the worst sore loser, ever.

Three stars of the game

  1. Patrick Marleau
  2. Joe Thornton
  3. Jere Lehtinen

Oh God, they are interviewing some drunken Stars fan who gives Stars fans a bad name.  “We brung the brooms”.  BRUNG?  Ugh.  No wonder people think people in Texas are idiots.

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5 Responses to “Liveblog: Stars vs. Sharks – Game 4”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I’m so sad about Verbeek. Seriously; if we keep collecting ex-players in the front office though, we’ll end up with the ’99 Cup Team making sales calls or something.

  2. Jen Says:

    I could handle that.

  3. StarsFan Says:

    I just love your live blogs…

    “we brung the brooms” — *flinch* my gawd who let the retards into the AAC?? Oy.

    2:25: Yes Razor, Robi is something else. He is the bestest person ever. — Amen!

  4. StarsFan Says:

    oh I totally forgot to mention – probably because I try to block it out – that while it was really cool to see the little ball of hate, aka Beeker, it causes me GREAT pain to know that he has indeed sold his soul to the devil and is employed by the Red Things.

    You did NOT clear this with me, Beeker. Shame on you. Good thing I’m in complete denial! ;-)

    Nieuwy works for… ummmm what team?? I forget.

  5. Jen Says:

    Nieuwy worked for the Panthers, but I heard he was leaving because he didn’t like the direction the club was taking.

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