Stars win 3-2, head to Western Conf. Finals

….Oh wait, that’s right.  That’s what the title of this post SHOULD say, but instead it’s “Series returns to Dallas for Game 6”

If I have ever seen a game decided by calls it was this one.  I’m not complaining about the penalties, but more like the goal that wasn’t.  I will admit it, I am usually biased when it comes to anything Brenden Morrow.  But I can admit when a goal of his can be rendered no-goal, such as his 3rd ‘goal’ when he put it in with his glove when he was unable to get his stick to the puck in time.  That’s an obvious one.

The no goal for a kicking motion however?  I am livid.  Absolutely livid.  I’m not trying to join into the ‘conspiracy theorist’ group, but something wasn’t right about that.  His skate was behind him and was moving towards the goal when the puck deflected off of it to go into the net.  It was part of him stopping, he didn’t even see the puck when it hit his skate, so how did he know to start kicking it in?  He didn’t.

My absolute FAVORITE part, was them showing one of the video judges and him laughing and smiling while they called no goal.  Absolute favorite.

To mention the actual game, it was 3-2 in OT, with the Sharks Pavelski getting one past Turco just over a minute into overtime.  Dallas goals came from Jere Lehtinen and Brenden Morrow.


3 Responses to “Stars win 3-2, head to Western Conf. Finals”

  1. Dijea Says:

    This has been one of the worst called series I’ve ever watched. And I totally agree with you, it WAS a goal, I saw no kicking motion. I dream about the Morrow hat trick that never was.

  2. StarsFan Says:

    There was no freakin kicking motion. Absurd. Positively absurd.

    The officiating was heinous.

  3. kms2 Says:

    I agree…the first ‘No Goal’ should have been allowed. When I saw the replay it didn’t even look like he saw the puck and like you said, how could he have kicked at it if he didn’t see it. Well…hopefully Dallas finishes off SJ at home.

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