That was painful

Extremely.  Stars fall 1-0 in the series after being dominated 4-1 by the Wings.  So what went wrong?  As Tippett put it after the game, you can’t put this loss on Turco, this time it was the people in front of him.

Maybe they weren’t completely recovered from the quadruple overtime played Sunday night/Monday morning.  I’m going to just tell myself that was it.  Everyone looked sluggish and spent a lot of the time standing around.  The loss on this game is completely on the Stars unable to get done what needed to be done.  Not to discredit the Red Wings, however, because they are a good good team.  The Stars hardly put up a fight though, and in doing that allowed the Red Wings to step all over them. 

So what about Saturday?  The Stars aren’t going to lay down and just let the Wings step all over them again.  I’m fully expecting them to regroup and come back as the team we saw in the first 2 rounds.  Mike Babcock mentioned that in his post game interview, that he thinks they were still a little fatigued from the draining game 6 against the Sharks and expects to come back full force Saturday.  I appreciate you giving us the benefit of the doubt Babcock.  It makes me think you might not actually be a minion of Satan.

So here’s to putting this game behind us and starting anew Saturday, please.


  • Not take so many penalties, especially early
  • Stop turning the puck over
  • Move the feet
  • Score goals
  • Give Turco the support he needs ALL the time

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