Stars head home down 2-0

Being that it’s Mother’s Day, I’m going to keep this a tad short.

Despite a 2-1 loss to the Wings last night, it’s definitely not over.  The Stars looked like they finally hadthemselves together.  They played tighter, and managed to keep the puck away from the Wings a good amount of time.

I’m really glad Brad Winchester is getting some playoff time now, he played extremely well against the Wings last night.  Jere Lehtinen left the game with a leg injury, and they used Eriksson on the Morrow-Ribeiro line.  Again, how many times are we going to try this combination?  It’s never really ‘clicked’ like the Morrow-Ribeiro-Miettinen line did.

The lone Dallas goal came from one of the top players this playoffs, Stéphane Robidas.  And extremely fitting that 2 of the other best players got the assists, Brenden Morrow and Mike Ribeiro.  Marty Turco, yet again, was great.  It’s really saddening that with his great play, he still has a 0 in the win column at the Joe.  Fistric was a healthy scratch, and they played Niskanen instead.  I was a tad worried, because Niskanen hasn’t been the best in the playoffs.  However, he really impressed me.  I guess the healthy scratches for a few games gave him some insight.

In other news, Brenden Morrow’s wife, Anne-Marie, gave birth to 2 bouncing babies today.  A boy (Brady) and a girl (Mallory).  (Info thanks to Heika)


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2 Responses to “Stars head home down 2-0”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Bouncing? Does that mean they’re ready to Morrownate?

    If Miets is bumped up to Ribs line, I hope he brings it. .. Oh god, I sound like that cheerleader movie.

  2. Jen Says:

    Oh, they are totally ready to Morrownate the world, those little baby Morrownators.

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