Game 4 tonight

So tonight is Game 4 of the Wings-Stars series.  The Stars season could end tonight, or could be extended to at least Saturday for a Game 5.  The game is broadcast on Versus, if you are in the D/FW metorplex and don’t have Versus, they are still holding watching parties for home games in the AT&T Plaza outside the AAC. 

For those attending the game, I just have one plea: no matter the outcome, no matter if we are playing hard, making mistakes, not converting on a power play, please do not boo the players.  I heard the booing Monday.  And if this does infact end up being the Stars last home game, do you really want their last memory of their home crowd being the crowd booing them?  Just cheer them on like you’ve never cheered them before!  I have faith. 

As for me, I’m just going to watch this game and enjoy the little things that make me love this team more and more everytime I see them play.  The way Mojangles jersey waves behind him like a little mini-mo flag, the way Ribeiro can lull the other team to sleep with his fancy schmancy plays, the way Morrownator can Morrownate anyone, and the fantastic saves Marty can make when the game is on the line.  Despite the score, I will find the greatness in this team tonight.


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One Response to “Game 4 tonight”

  1. jenn Says:

    the game was AMAZING! i went and would like to report i heard no booing (except at the stupid officials).

    little chris conner and mark fistric were in the suite next to mine last night. they were so nice and signed my ticket for me – and i agree there is no way that conner is the 5’8″ they say he is (im 5-2 and he barely cleared me).

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