So what now in the offseason?

I still have a few things up my sleeve, all of which you will discover in good time (in time my pretties, in time).  I’ll probably keep somewhat updated on the Stanley Cup Finals.  I would recommend getting the most up to date info, recaps on the Final games between the Pens and the Wings at The Pensblog.  I mean, it’s what Gary Roberts would do so it should be good enough for you.

I’ll probably play around with the layout a bit this summer, so I’ll apologize now if at some point you come on and it looks extremely weird.  I’ve also taken the stats off the top bar (which I’m sure you noticed), figured there’s no use in keeping them there now! 

Sometime this week or this weekend I will begin my series of My Favorite Things of the 2007-08 Stars Season. I’ll post one thing every day until I’m out, so I don’t know how many I’ll come up with.  We’ll see.



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