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The Off-Season: Day 26

June 30, 2008

So far I seem to be hanging on.  Just a little under 3 months until Hockey Season will begin again (I’m counting the pre-season). 

Friday I took another trip out to that movie theater thing to see Wall-E.  That is my favorite robot ever.  The Stars should get him on our team, really.  I’m sure he could do fantastic.  He could just..hide the puck in his little stomach.  No one will have to know.

Saturday me and Caitlin went to the Celebrity Baseball Game, which I already posted pictures from.  God it was hot.  After the Home Run Derby (which both Mo and Morrow failed miserably at) we took a little walk to the StarCenter, because it’s always freezing in there.  I ended up getting a new Morrownator hat, because I’m awesome like that.   Then we returned for the actual game.  There was a storm coming in, so that helped cool the temperature down a lot.  Sprinkled on us a bit, but a little rain never hurt anyone.  Not when you can watch and laugh at celebrities. 

Sunday, my entire day was spent playing Guitar Hero Aerosmith (which is way awesome, though really easy) and watching I Love the New Millennium on VH1. 

Now I just have to find something to fill my sad hockeyless nights this week…

The Reebok Celebrity Baseball Game

June 29, 2008

So yesterday was the Heroes Baseball game. Mike Modano was on the Red Socks and Brenden Morrow was on the Black Socks. They announced that Mike Ribeiro was playing, but sadly he wasn’t there. Oh how I would’ve loved to see him pimp-walking between bases. Anyway, the Red Socks blew the Black Socks away 21-9 or something. Like…crazy! But Brenden did get a hit and a run, so there ya go. Here are some pictures, and 2 videos…


Yet another reason to fear Free Agency

June 26, 2008

From Heika‘s blog

Les Jackson has confirmed the Stars will have an internal budget next season and will not spend to the cap. My guess is that number is close to $52-$53 million, so it’s not like they are that far off from the cap ($55-56 million). He said Tobias Stephan will be the team’s backup goalie, and that the team expects to allow its unrestricted free agents (including Niklas Hagman) to test the market.

My guess is Hagman, Antti Miettinen, Johan Holmqvist and Brad Winchester are gone.


Heika is also reporting that the Stars are meeting with Stu today or tomorrow.  There is a rumor that Stu will retire, but stay with the Stars team as an assistant coach.  So at least that’s SOME good news.

The Stars also extended qualifying offers to BJ Crombeen, Loui Eriksson, Vadim Khomitski, Vojtech Polak, Konstantin Pushkarev and Francis Wathier. 

Favorite Things: Russian Headlock

June 25, 2008

When I initially began planning this little summer series, the Russian Headlock was top on my list. There was one problem: finding a video or image of this is virtually impossible. It was on the intro video last fall, but alas, no luck finding that either.

I am convinced Russian has erased any evidence that this ever happened. Which also leads me to believe that eventually it be like he never existed.

Cat (Untypical Girls) was awesome and took pictures of it on TV, so this is the only evidence that it ever actually occurred.

Favorite Things: Sergei Zubov

June 24, 2008

For today’s installment, I enlisted the help of the local Russian expert; Caitlin from Hockey Coma.

He really needs no introduction:  how can you not love our crotchety, cranky, stealthy, pissy, camera-shy Russian?

Russian made our season so much better.  From camera-avoidance, pet alligators, moat installations and awkward contractually-obligated interviews, Russian is a staple of our good-natured mockery on a regular basis.
We do it because we love; not only is Russian unintentionally hilarious to us, but he’s also one of the best defensemen in the League currently, even if the Norris Trophy voters don’t read my constant barrage of letters.   When he’s out with an injury, we freak out and when he comes back, we cheer.   When he says, “Fuck that shit,” and shows Brian Campbell how a spin-o-rama is actually done, we practically cry with joy.
And when he uses sticks, trainers and Mike Modano’s really huge head to hide from the cameras on the bench, we giggle.  Simply put, Russian is one of our favorite things because Stars hockey just isn’t the same without him or his crankiness.

In my book, he’s the best (and most unintentionally entertaining) Russian there is. 

The fear that is Free Agency

June 23, 2008

So July 1st marks the start of the Free Agency in the NHL.  I for one, am terrified.  Not only because Mittens and Hagman have yet to be locked in (get on this HullJack), but this article put fear in me I didn’t know existed.

By no means, do I want Sean Avery even in my city, not even on Harry Hines.  Oh Baby Hockey Jesus, please do not allow this to happen.

The Off-Season: Day 19

June 23, 2008

Finding other ways to spend your time is proving to not be so difficult at this point in time.  But I guess that is what happens when you have 3 and a half week old puppies to bottle feed and attempt to ween of a bottle.  Spoiled little puppies, they refuse and I refuse to bottle feed them any longer!  Okay, so that’s a lie, but I am getting a tad sick of it.

Friday I spent my night shopping with Cat.  This proved to be a fun little outing, as we got a nice little gift for dear Caitlin.  I’m sure we all know of her love of Jeremy Roenick? (For those who don’t know, she hates him)  So while in the mall looking in a collectors shop, we found a magazine from 1995 with Roenick on the cover that was autographed.  I couldn’t resist, absolutely couldn’t resist!

The rest of my weekend was spent on the computer playing the Sims.  Yes, my life is just that exciting.

I also got caught up with a bit of TV.  I watched MVP.  That show is so amazingly awful, I love it.  I also watched my netflix DVD (The Monkees: Season 2: Disc 4) and caught up on Instant Star, one of the best shows ever.

Today I bought me and Caitlin’s tickets for the Celebrity Baseball game this weekend.  If anyone is going, drop me an email (theshootoutblog[at]gmail[dot]com), and maybe we can meet up or something.  We are 7 rows behind home plate.  This will be exciting.  I also pre-ordered Guitar Hero Aerosmith last week, so at least I’ll have something to do Sunday.

Favorite Things: Finnish or Gibberish

June 23, 2008

This year at Stars games, they introduced a little thing called Finnish or Gibberish to keep fans entertained during TV Time Outs.  Best thing they could’ve done.

They had one of our many Finns say something on the big screen and contestant had to determine if they were speaking Finnish or Gibberish.  And if you won, you usually got concert tickets and a Finnish-English dictionary. (and trust me, those are hard to come by, we’ve looked.)  They’d give sayings involving sauna’s and spider-monkey’s.  (Crazy Finns and their saunas)

Of course, our Finn population is down with the trade of Jussi and the fact that Hags and Mittens have yet to be signed.  But SAS Wiki still says that the Stars are located in Finland, Texas.

Favorite Things: Jussi Jokinen

June 20, 2008

Time to “finnish” up with the Finns on the team.  Yes, Jussi Jokinen might have been traded to the Lightning, but he was with us for a while and I do heart him.  A lot.

From his happiness of winning in “the home” to the way he plays to being the shootout king, he was a great guy!  He was out for a bit with an injury and that broke my poor little heart.  I love Jussi Fruit!.  He really is greatly missed, crazy Finn.


2008 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game

June 18, 2008

The Heroes site hasn’t really updated with a list of who will be playing in this extremely fun to attend game.  103.3 ESPN’s website has, though. 

There are some celebs playing, no one that really pops out though.  At least not to me.  You can go to the ESPN site linked above for the full list.  Local sports people playing however are:

  • Mike Modano (obvs)
  • Brenden Morrow (YAY MORE AWFUL THROWS!!)
  • Mark Cuban (heh)
  • Jason Terry
  • DeMarcus Ware
  • Michael Irvin

It really is a fun fun event to attend, I had a lot of fun at it last year.