The Off-Season: Day 13

So it’s been 13 days since the Stanley Cup was awarded to the Devil The Red Wings.  What do you do during the hockey off-season?  I am still trying to figure this out.

While searching the internets last week, I discovered there are things called movie theaters, where they project ‘new releases’ onto a big screen.  So, I invited Caitlin into this world of ‘movie-going’ with me and we went to see The Happening.  Not too shabby, really.  Though I think I’m one of the few who enjoyed it. 

I have also discovered, there ARE other sports.  One in particular is having their finals right now, it’s called basketball.  Not sure if you’ve heard of it.  They throw an orange ball back and forth and shoot it into a hoop.  (Go Celtics!)

The US Open was also on, which I was forced to watch seeing as there was nothing else on TV while up at the office. 

Guitar Hero has lost it’s luster, as I’ve played it almost nonstop for 13 days now.  At least only 12 days until a new Guitar Hero will enter my sad, lonely life.



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