Favorite Things: Finnish or Gibberish

This year at Stars games, they introduced a little thing called Finnish or Gibberish to keep fans entertained during TV Time Outs.  Best thing they could’ve done.

They had one of our many Finns say something on the big screen and contestant had to determine if they were speaking Finnish or Gibberish.  And if you won, you usually got concert tickets and a Finnish-English dictionary. (and trust me, those are hard to come by, we’ve looked.)  They’d give sayings involving sauna’s and spider-monkey’s.  (Crazy Finns and their saunas)

Of course, our Finn population is down with the trade of Jussi and the fact that Hags and Mittens have yet to be signed.  But SAS Wiki still says that the Stars are located in Finland, Texas.


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One Response to “Favorite Things: Finnish or Gibberish”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Mittens: “Would you like to go into the sauna with me?”

    Female Contestant: “YES!!!!!!!”

    Love it forever. :D

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