Favorite Things: Sergei Zubov

For today’s installment, I enlisted the help of the local Russian expert; Caitlin from Hockey Coma.

He really needs no introduction:  how can you not love our crotchety, cranky, stealthy, pissy, camera-shy Russian?

Russian made our season so much better.  From camera-avoidance, pet alligators, moat installations and awkward contractually-obligated interviews, Russian is a staple of our good-natured mockery on a regular basis.
We do it because we love; not only is Russian unintentionally hilarious to us, but he’s also one of the best defensemen in the League currently, even if the Norris Trophy voters don’t read my constant barrage of letters.   When he’s out with an injury, we freak out and when he comes back, we cheer.   When he says, “Fuck that shit,” and shows Brian Campbell how a spin-o-rama is actually done, we practically cry with joy.
And when he uses sticks, trainers and Mike Modano’s really huge head to hide from the cameras on the bench, we giggle.  Simply put, Russian is one of our favorite things because Stars hockey just isn’t the same without him or his crankiness.

In my book, he’s the best (and most unintentionally entertaining) Russian there is. 


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