Yet another reason to fear Free Agency

From Heika‘s blog

Les Jackson has confirmed the Stars will have an internal budget next season and will not spend to the cap. My guess is that number is close to $52-$53 million, so it’s not like they are that far off from the cap ($55-56 million). He said Tobias Stephan will be the team’s backup goalie, and that the team expects to allow its unrestricted free agents (including Niklas Hagman) to test the market.

My guess is Hagman, Antti Miettinen, Johan Holmqvist and Brad Winchester are gone.


Heika is also reporting that the Stars are meeting with Stu today or tomorrow.  There is a rumor that Stu will retire, but stay with the Stars team as an assistant coach.  So at least that’s SOME good news.

The Stars also extended qualifying offers to BJ Crombeen, Loui Eriksson, Vadim Khomitski, Vojtech Polak, Konstantin Pushkarev and Francis Wathier. 


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2 Responses to “Yet another reason to fear Free Agency”

  1. Caitlin Says:


    Not my Mittens.


  2. jenn Says:

    nnnnooooooo – not winchester!!! anything but winchester!!!

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