The Off-Season: Day 26

So far I seem to be hanging on.  Just a little under 3 months until Hockey Season will begin again (I’m counting the pre-season). 

Friday I took another trip out to that movie theater thing to see Wall-E.  That is my favorite robot ever.  The Stars should get him on our team, really.  I’m sure he could do fantastic.  He could just..hide the puck in his little stomach.  No one will have to know.

Saturday me and Caitlin went to the Celebrity Baseball Game, which I already posted pictures from.  God it was hot.  After the Home Run Derby (which both Mo and Morrow failed miserably at) we took a little walk to the StarCenter, because it’s always freezing in there.  I ended up getting a new Morrownator hat, because I’m awesome like that.   Then we returned for the actual game.  There was a storm coming in, so that helped cool the temperature down a lot.  Sprinkled on us a bit, but a little rain never hurt anyone.  Not when you can watch and laugh at celebrities. 

Sunday, my entire day was spent playing Guitar Hero Aerosmith (which is way awesome, though really easy) and watching I Love the New Millennium on VH1. 

Now I just have to find something to fill my sad hockeyless nights this week…



2 Responses to “The Off-Season: Day 26”

  1. Lori Says:

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only person lost without the Stars right now. Stumbled upon your site looking for pics from the Celebrity Baseball game – I was there too, but my pics didn’t turn out that great, I need a new camera!! And it seems we have a few things in common – Brenden Morrow for one (I just spent my tax stimulus check on a brand new jersey) & I also watched I Love The New Millenium on VH1 – I’m a sucker for crap TV!!!

  2. Jen Says:

    lol I totally got a new Brenden jersey with my stimulus check too

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