Okay Sean Avery

So I have spent all day seething about the awfulness that occurred this morning. But I have decided to make a deal with you Mr. Vogue.

You get at least 5 assists your first regular season game, and I might accept you onto my team. Might.

Anything less and you’re nothing.

Yes, B-Rad has set the bar high. My acceptance is important, so you have your challenge.  I shall see you in October.



4 Responses to “Okay Sean Avery”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I don’t have much to add other than to say I’m terribly, deeply sorry for this travesty.

    Also, I love that you call him B-Rad. I never liked “Richie.” He’s always been B-Rad to me, and I’m glad he is to other people to. Hopefully it catches on. And being the awesome and influential blogger that you are, I’m counting on you to make it happen!

  2. StarsFan (aka unstableblogger) Says:

    Well… I gotta say I was very much against Sean Avery coming to Dallas at first then when Detroit got Hossa, I decided we could actually use the likes of Mr. Vogue. I actually posted a few things about ole SA and it got me mentioned in Puck Daddy’s blog yesterday. I was excited…until I realized that my once anonymous blog wasnt so anonymous anymore hahaha

    Anyway…I’m willing to give Avery a chance if he uses his special skills to annoy the Red Wings :)

    B-rad is a WAY WAY better name than Richie. Totally. :) And you are the Queen o Stars blogging so I’m thinking they’ll follow your lead. :)

  3. Myra Says:

    I saw your mention on Puck Daddy and was like, “What’s this? A Star’s blog I don’t know about?” Little did I know it was StarsFan! Congrats!

  4. Myra Says:

    Oh and Jen, in case you haven’t noticed, I am refusing to acknowledge that Mittens and Cockeyed Helmet/Crazy Eyes are leaving. If I don’t acknowlegde it, they can’t go, right! RIGHT?! OH! Where is a tissue when I need one…*sob*

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