Bye Mittens :(

Mittens has signed a contract with the Minnesota Wild. 

You will be missed.  A lot.




3 Responses to “Bye Mittens :(”

  1. StarsFan (aka unstableblogger) Says:

    Ya know, since the trade deadline last season we’ve lost Smitty, Mittens, Hagman (Crazy love that one!), Jokinen and Halpern. I certainly hope all our acquisitions pay BIG dividends this coming season.

  2. Steph Says:

    Mittens was my favorite Star :( I even cheered for him during last years’ playoff series against you and fretted for his safety when Kronwall tried to lay him out at center ice. Time to pick a new favorite, I suppose…

  3. Cat Says:

    Mittens. :(

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